Summer Scholars: Exploring Science

A  summer science program for high school students with hands on learning experiences that includes practical training in specific research techniques and opportunities to learn how we can use scientific research to understand our society.

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Prince Edward County Environmental Molecular Biology Institute (PECEMBI)

Through participation in Longwood’s High School Science Outreach Program, high school students learn valuable research skills, molecular biology and environmental science skills, and how to create and present a scientific poster.

We aim to enhance literacy in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the establishment of unique partnerships between university scientists, undergraduate students, K-12 educators and students, and the local and global science community.

How it Works: Longwood University students and faculty travel to local high schools and provide all of the necessary equipment and reagents to conduct these research projects. The high school students then create a research poster and present their poster at Longwood's Student Showcase.

We have the ability to lead a variety of multi-week research projects with local high school students. We have modules available for many topics including:

  • Bacterial diversity and indicator bacteria
  • Bacterial identification using 16s rRNA sequencing
  • Water Quality Monitoring

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Dr. Amorette Barber at

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) at Longwood University

JSHS is designed to challenge and engage students (Grades 9-12) in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

Individual students compete for scholarships and recognition by presenting the results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers.

Opportunities for hands-on workshops, panel discussions, career exploration, research lab visits and networking are planned.

By participating in regional and national symposia, students may...

  • Participate in a forum honoring individual achievement in STEM;
  • Qualify for significant scholarships and other recognition;
  • Network to enrich understanding of STEM pursuits beyond high school;
  • Advance in statewide, regional, national and international symposia;
  • Develop skills to help prepare for undergraduate and graduate pursuits -- skills in the application of science content to solve a problem or to gain new knowledge, writing a paper, and communicating results.

Visit JSHS and Virginia Regional JSHS pages to learn more!