The Office of Student Research is proud to feature Alanna Keaton in this week’s “Scholar Story”. 

Alanna Keaton is a senior at Longwood University and is an anthropology major. Recently, she conducted independent research that included finding a potential chemical analysis method to source marine shells from Dan River Sites in Southwest Virginia as well as learning more about the culture of the Native Americans during this time period. Alanna said finding a method to source these marine shells was important for this research because it would help to determine if there were extensive trade networks during prehistoric times.  

She decided to do an independent research project “to strengthen my research abilities and to gain experience for the future.”  

Alanna’s favorite part of her independent research project was “learning how the Native Americans used marine shells to make beads that were often sewn onto garments or made into jewelry.   

Congratulations to Alanna on her successful research!  



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