Find on-campus jobs that fit your schedule and get real-world work experience for a competitive edge in your future career.


Find the right opportunities to develop and sharpen skills, get relevant experience and connect with professional mentors. 

There are a variety of jobs that allow students to work around their academic schedule.  

On-Campus Jobs

On-Campus Jobs are divided into Federal Work Study (FWS) and Longwood  Work Study (LWS). All student employment jobs at Longwood University require students to have either FWS or LWS.

Students cannot work without prior authorization from Student Employment, including students who are already employed in another student position in a different department.

All full-time students are eligible for LWS and there is no need to apply for it.  

FWS is offered to students who have completed the FAFSA form and have been awarded FWS based on their financial need as part of their financial aid package.  

Some on-campus positions can only be filled by students who have FWS.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for FWS, we encourage you to contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Employment Positions

All of our student employment positions are listed on Canvas, the same platform that provides access to your classes.

You will need your Longwood email to enroll in a Canvas course.  

Canvas is updated as positions are filled and new jobs are posted.  At the bottom of each posting, there are directions regarding how to apply for that individual job.

On-Campus Employers

Various departments on-campus employ students throughout the year. Some of them are listed below. For current open positions, please visit our Canvas page.

  • Longwood Dining
    • Dorrill Dining Hall
    • Catering
    • Other dining service locations
  • Residential Commuter Life
  • Campus Recreation
  • Greenwood Library

Additional Opportunities 

The Joanie (or Elwood) by the Phonie is a group of students who have weekly scheduled work in Student Employment but may be sent across campus to cover vacancies or assist with various administrative jobs that arise.

The FreeLancer Pool is a group of students who would prefer to not have a weekly position but wish to be considered for paid freelance work if an office has a need for assistance with various projects.   

Equal Opportunity Employer

Longwood University, an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is an equal-opportunity institution of higher learning. Consistent with Federal and State law, the University promotes equal opportunity for all prospective and current students and employees. The University will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, military status, or disability status, except in relation to employment where a bonafide occupational qualification exists. Anyone with questions concerning access or accommodations should contact Accessibility Resources at (434)395-2391 (V); 800.828.1120 (TT Relay).