Planning, Designing, and Building Our Campus

Making Sure Everything Goes As Planned

The Capital Design and Construction Department turns Longwood’s vision for its future campus contained in the campus master plan Place Matters into reality by planning, designing, constructing, and renovating Longwood’s buildings and facilities.

The department’s mission is to

  • Proactively manage and implement the campus master plan, and the facilities and capital planning processes
  • Manage timely and cost-effective construction and renovation of University facilities and infrastructure while maintaining required scope and meeting users’ needs
  • Manage the University’s major maintenance and repair program and projects
  • Incorporate green building standards into each project
  • Support and promote campus sustainability efforts
  • Promote an improved and uniform campus aesthetic

Design and Construction Standards

Design and Construction Standards

All construction projects must obviously meet the applicable building, fire, and safety codes.  Beyond these requirements, Longwood has established strict guidelines and high standards to help create and maintain the aesthetics of our beautiful campus.  These guidelines and standards also encompass other areas such as sustainability, stormwater control, and technical and safety requirements.

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