Discover what makes you — and all humans — tick in Longwood's Psychology program. Guided by our expert faculty, you'll explore the biological bases of psychology, psychological disorders, the use of psychology in the workplace, how people interact with groups, cognition, psychology across cultures and what drives people's behavior.

Career Path

Prepare to compete with top candidates in a booming job market. These are some of the things our graduates are doing today.

  • Clinical Counselor
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Data Analyst
  • Emergency Mental Health Consultant
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Intake Coordinator
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Counselor
  • Learning Disabilities Resource Provider
  • Research Assistant
  • School Counselor
  • Student Services Coordinator

What You'll Study


Psychology is the study of thoughts and behavior. You’ll learn about psychological disorders, how the body is related to psychology, how to improve worker productivity, how stereotypes and discrimination work, what children’s stages of development are, how our memory works.

You'll develop the skills to

  • Collect, manage, analyze and interpret data
  • Write professional quality reports and give oral presentations
  • Think critically, creatively and ethically
  • Behave ethically in the context of research and practice
  • Interpret contemporary events using psychological principles
  • Work effectively and responsibly with others

Minor in Psychology


You'll learn how to: 

  • think and behave ethically in the context of research and practice
  • the ability to interpret contemporary events using psychological principles
  • and the ability to work effectively and responsibly with others

You'll take six courses to complete this minor. One of those courses will be Introduction to Psychology. You'll work closely with your advisor and choose one course from the Developmental Area, one course from in Industrial/Organizational/Social Area, one course in the Pre-Clinical/Counseling Area and two courses from any of the Psychology courses.


Here, you can take classes in Sensation and Perception, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and much more.

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