Course of Study

Advising Checklist 

Psychology Advising Checklist (pdf)

Psychology Tentative Course of Study

Freshman year

  • PSYC 101 (Introduction to Psychology)
  • PSYC 151 (Introduction to Biopsychology)
  • MATH 155 or 171 (Statistics)
  • CTZN 110 and ENGL 165
  • Other Pillar courses
  • 200-level PSYC course(s)

Start connecting with professors and consider selecting a minor or a double major, depending on your interest.

Sophomore year

  • PSYC 233 (Research Methods)
  • SYC 236 (Quantitative Methods)
  • Finish Pillar courses
  • More 200-level PSYC courses
  • 300-level PSYC courses
  • Perspective or elective courses

Begin planning internship and consider independent research. Consider selecting a minor and continue fostering connections with professors

Junior year

  • Psychology lab course
  • Perspective courses
  • elective courses

Complete an internship and consider independent research. If you're considering graduate school, begin research on graduate programs.

Senior year

  • Psychology Capstone courses:
  • PSYC 457 (History & Systems)
  • PSYC 460 (Applications)
  • PSYC 461 (Reaction)
  • elective courses

Ask professors who know you well to write letters of recommendation for grad school or jobs (be sure to give 2 weeks' notice at minimum, the request form if asked, and a resumè€).

Request a Letter of Recommendation