Funding for Your Project

Student Funding

Apply for grants from OSR to receive funds for completing your thesis project. These grants can range from supply costs to travel funds.

Presenting your progress

Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry

As a part of your 499 course you will enroll in the Longwood Student Showcase, but you can always show off your progress in you 498 class as well.

Get Started

Write Your Thesis

The initial cover pages have been standardized across all Longwood Senior Theses. 

View, Download, and Print Internal Cover Pages (doc)

Gather Resources

Remember that the Longwood library has some great librarians willing to help you get started with your literary searching. Our library also has many databases you can use to help refine that literature search better than you can with Google Scholar. Make sure to check out these resources or even schedule an appointment with your librarian.

Writing Center

Need an extra set of eyes to help you look over the writing process or simply struggling to figure out where it is all going?

The writing center can help you get back on track and ensure your thesis is as strong as it can be.

Plan to make at least two appointments with the Writing Center. One should help you get started and another for reviewing the nearly completed draft.

Committee Members

  • Maxwell Hennings (24), Chair
  • Laura Jimenez (24)
  • Aftab Khan (25)
  • Adam Blincoe (25)
  • Robert Barnwell (24)
  • Ravi Darwin Sankar (25)
  • Mark Kostro (26)
  • Julian Dymacek (26)