In the Theatre Program at Longwood University, you will work productively, creatively, and collaboratively in multiple disciplines through educational, professional, and production experiences. Through individualized mentorships with faculty, you will develop personal strengths and prepare your career plan. Upon graduation, you will be ready to enter the workforce as a theatre professional or educator, pursue advanced degrees, or utilize your highly transferable skills to seek other career opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Longwood University Theatre Program will become regionally recognized by being on the forefront of inclusivity, innovation, interdisciplinary partnerships, and by the intellectual and creative accomplishments of its faculty, students, and staff.

Degrees Offered

The Department provides degree programs of study leading to either a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual and Performing Arts or the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students studying for the BFA Degree in Visual and Performing Arts may opt for one of two tracks within the BFA, Performance or Design and Technology. Performance and Design and Technology candidates are evaluated and adjudicated by the theatre faculty each spring to determine their standing in the BFA programs. Continuation in the BFA program is competitive, and rigorous professional standards are applied.

Students Studying for the Bachelor of Arts degree may opt for one of two concentrations, Generalist or Applied - Theatre Education. Those students seeking teacher certification must select the Applied concentration within the Bachelor of Arts Degree.