Course Catalogue

The Catalogue for the Fall 2021/2022 is retroactive to Catalogues 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 for the Design and Tech and Theatre Education Concentrations only.

This change should not change your projected graduation date. There will be substitutions and possible waivers made which should keep you on schedule to graduate.

If you have questions or concerns please meet with your advisor.

Theatre Course Substitutions

Design and Tech will waive and substitute based on the individual needs of students.

Specific Course Substitutions:

  • THEA 432 will substitute for THEA 430 and/or 431
    If a student uses THEA 432 as a substitution for 430, we will waive THEA 431.
  • THEA 464 will substitute for THEA 414
  • THEA 229 will substitute for THEA 230‚Äč
  • THEA 362 will substitute for THEA 413