Production Positions

Production Positions

Learn how we put the business in 'Show Business'! The opportunities to participate in theater range from actors to tech crew. We offer Longwood students production and crew opportunities to get experience and the required specialized training while learning the structure of theater organization and its effect on productions.

How to Apply

In order to be considered for a position as a student designer or stage manager, the candidate should submit a minimum of a letter of interest and a copy of their relevant theatrical resume to all of the faculty members in the Theatre Arts program. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Electronic submissions are permitted.

  • Verbal discussions are not considered binding agreements, and interested parties will still need to complete the submission process in order to be considered for a design position.

The submission process is ongoing and applicants may apply as early as they would like for upcoming shows, provided that those shows have been officially scheduled on the department calendar. Applications will no longer be considered for a production once auditions have been held and tech sign-ups completed. Application materials will need to be submitted anew for each show and each position. Your application is not a guarantee that you will be hired.

Questions about this process should be addressed to the Program Coordinator.


If you are in a crew position, you need to understand your immediate superiors duties. You will be assisting that person in fulfilling the requirements of their position