Join a cast of talented actors, designers, and technicians exploring their passions and learning to lead from the stage. Guided by Longwood's devoted faculty mentors, come discover and develop your talents and skills through a sequence of theory, performance, and technical courses and through main stage and studio theatrical productions.

Career Path

Our graduates have become

  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Stage Managers
  • Theatre Managers
  • Theatre Teachers
  • Scenic Designers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Costume Designers
  • Sound Designers
  • Projections Designers


What You'll Study

Specialist in Performance, Theatre

Cue your future as a professional actor with a degree from Longwood.

Sample 4-Year Plan

Theatre Performance Concentration 4 Year Plan (pdf)

Design and Technology, Theatre Concentration

You're creative, and love to work with your hands? This is the perfect place for you. Work closely with theatre design faculty and staff as you explore what it's like to be behind the scenes of a production.

Learn set, lighting, sound, and costume design, technical direction, and theatre management. You’ll get all the practical and applied skills needed to compete in this booming market.

Sample 4-Year Plan 

Theatre Design & Technology Concentration 4 Year Plan (pdf)

Generalist, Theatre

Discover theatre in its broadest sense as you explore its history, theory, literature and aesthetics. You'll work closely with your adviser as you discover the basis in theatre arts.

Sample 4-Year Plan

Theatre Generalist Concentration 4 Year Plan (pdf)

Applied Theatre, Education Licensure

This is a pre-professional degree and is designed to prepare you to teach theatre to future performers, technicians or managers. 

Sample 4-Year Plan

Theatre Education, Teacher Preparation Concentration (pdf)


Explore your passion for the theatre and enrich your resumé with a minor in 


You'll take seven classes to complete a minor in Theater. You'll learn the history, theory, and fundamentals.


Minor Requirements/20 credit hours from:

THEA 104 Theatre Production/Performance/2 credits

THEA 113 Acting I/3 credits

THEA 240 Technical Theatre/3 credits

THEA 330 History of Theatre I/3 credits

THEA 331 History of Theatre II/3 credits

THEA        ELECTIVES/6 credit


Technical Production

Take nine courses to finish this minor and prepare for a life long career in technical production.


Minor Requirements (core): 11 credits

THEA 104 Theatre Production/Performance/2 credits

THEA 225 Elements of Theatrical Design/3 credits

THEA 240 Technical Theatre/3 credits

THEA 337 Costume Technology I/3 credits

Choose 4 courses from the following: (12 credits)

THEA 241 Drafting for Theatrical Design/3 credits

THEA 275 Stage Management/3 credits

THEA 306 Stage Properties/3 credits

THEA 338 Costume Technology II/3 credits

THEA 339 Fashion History and Décor/3 credits

THEA 340 Scene Design/3 credits

THEA 342 Lighting Design I/3 credits

THEA 344 Theory and Practice of Scene Painting/3 credits

THEA 345 Costume Design/3 credits

THEA 399 Theatre Management/3 credits

THEA 447 Design and Technology/3 credits

Musical Theatre Minor

Combining courses in music, theatre and dance, the Musical Theatre minor is designed for students who wish to pursue their passion for the performing arts and the excitement of musical theatre.

Learn more about the Musical Theatre Minor


Achieve a traditional and holistic view of the world with our broad array of theatre course offerings including Acting, Elements of Theatrical Design, American Drama, Directing and much more. 


Longwood theatre major working as assistant lighting designer on world premiere musical

Theatre student interning as lighting assistant

In a theater-based class in the first grade, Matthew Brehm was allowed to operate the faders, which dim the lights, on a control board. "I was instantly hooked on theater lighting," he said.

Fifteen years later, the Longwood University theatre major’s passion for lighting design and technology burns as brightly as ever, and his talent soon will shine on the biggest stage of his young career.

Brehm, a senior, will serve as assistant lighting designer for the world premiere of Kris Kringle The Musical, which will run from Dec. 4-13 at the Olmsted Performing Arts Center just outside Cleveland. The New York City-based producers of the play, whose work includes a Tony Award-nominated musical, hope to take the show to Broadway.

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