• Spring Semester of 2021

    The new semester and 2021 begin at a time of both hope and continued trial for the country.

  • Season's Greetings and Thanks

    At the end of this harsh and historic year, the usual sense of holiday joy may feel harder to summon. But this holiday season, as campus winds down the work of this semester, I am filled with gratitude as well as hope.

  • Giving Thanks

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I simply wanted to take a moment to convey my own gratitude for all we have accomplished together this semester.

  • Thank you

    I wanted to share brief words of encouragement and thanks.

  • Equity Action Task Force; Establishment of Title VI Office

    The Equity Action Task Force for Longwood has produced a set of recommendations including the appointment of a campus Title VI coordinator.

  • Campus Building Names: A Message from President Reveley

    In our community here and across the nation, there is a moment of reckoning and commitment that the names of our buildings fully reflect the values of our institution, and of the people who live, learn and work in them every day.

  • President Reveley’s message announcing the Equity Action Task Force

    This national moment of reckoning regarding systemic racial inequality and discrimination is a call to action, not just words.

  • A message from President Reveley

    In the days since my message to students on Sunday, the pain and frustration of so many have only grown harder. Today, as his family mourns the senseless killing of George Floyd, I wanted to speak clearly and publicly on behalf of Longwood.

  • This Moment for America

    I know so many of you, like myself, are feeling such deep pain and frustration over all our country is confronting. Today I just wanted to make sure you heard clearly from me that Longwood stands with you...

  • Message to campus community about coronavirus

    A message from President Reveley to the campus community about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)