• Semester Update

    With the spring semester busily in gear, ushering us into the 2020s, there are several updates and insights I wanted to share.

  • Fall message on Longwood Scholarship Day

    Amidst crisp fall weather that has campus looking especially beautiful, I just wanted to share a brief note, as well as reminders about today’s Longwood Scholarship Day and several upcoming events.

  • Convocation on September 12th

    Thanks everyone for the hard work that has gone into this successful first week of classes. It is always so wonderful this time of year to see our students back and campus humming with activity.

  • 2019-20 Welcome

    The new school year is almost underway in full, Longwood’s 181st year.

  • Summer Update

    We are, amazingly, a month out from graduation and into the heart of summer, with much energy coursing through the Longwood universe.

  • Michelle Meadows - Athletics Director

    With the departure of Troy Austin for Duke last fall, I asked Michelle Meadows to serve as Interim Athletics Director — handing the reins of our program to a leader of great character who is deeply respected across Longwood and higher education.

  • Message to students from President Reveley

    As we hit the peak of final exams, I just wanted to send a brief note of encouragement and good wishes.

  • Strategic Planning

    Across campus, this spring we have been engaged in the process of reflection and deliberation that will guide the University’s next strategic plan, intended by the Board of Visitors as a single-page statement of our key priorities for 2019-2025.

  • A Historic Day for Longwood

    With Spring Weekend ahead, there is some wonderful news to share.

  • Spring Update

    On this fourth annual “Love Your Longwood Day” and with the arrival at last of spring, I wanted to share a brief campus update on several important fronts.