Please join us for 2023 Visiting Artist Lindsay Godin's exhibition of work in the Bedford Gallery. The exhibition, Futurisms, will be on view from October 14-November 8, 2023. Godin will give an artist talk on October 16 at 3 PM in Bedford 111. The talk will be followed by an opening reception from 4-5:15 PM in the Bedford Atrium.


Artist Statement:

Futurisms (2019-present) is an on-going body of work that aims to encapsulate mankind’s preoccupation with
uncharted territories. Dating back to the earliest sightings by ancient civilizations to the present day, mankind has continuously observed, imprinted, and has attempted to dominate unclaimed landscapes. As humankind evolved, this preoccupation expanded to extraterrestrial territories due to the invention of the telescope and the advancement of the rocket machine. Today, this machine is now a sophisticated extension of mankind’s intellect: an artificial observer yearning to explore territories which are beyond mankind’s physical abilities. The images in Futurisms shed light on the endless continuum of mankind’s propensity and instinctive motive to ultimately claim the unexplored territories that are beyond planet Earth.


All the photographs in Futurisms were taken with a Canon 6D dSLR camera and printed on both Epson Enhanced
Matte inkjet photo paper and Inkpress Adhesive Matte Vinyl. I photographed at the following locations: The
Bonneville Salt Flats (UT), The Mars Desert Research Station (UT), Craters of The Moon National Monument (ID),
Sand Mountain (NV), and the Black Rock Desert (NV), amongst other remote areas between Utah and Nevada.
I created the astro photograph by connecting a consumer grade telescope’s lens to the back of my dSLR camera
body. I also made a visual rendering of a planet by using a rendering command in Adobe Photoshop. To conclude,
the majority of the photographs seen in Futurisms were intentionally manipulated in Adobe Photoshop to mimic the
machine’s gaze of modern-day rocket technology using an assortment of inversion adjustment layers and rendering

Artist Bio:

Lindsay Godin (b.1992) was born in central New Jersey and got

her MA & MFA in Studio Arts (emphasis in Photography) at the

University of Iowa in 2018. She researches photography curricula

and is a fine arts photographer. Her photography sheds awareness

of contemporary cultural norms and political values and how

these effect society and place on the macro scale. Lindsay was

the recipient of PDN’s 2017 Photo Annual Award for her student

work. Her work is also on permanent collection at the Albright-

Knox Gallery in New York and with other work having been

exhibited nationally and internationally. As of August 2020, Lindsay

is the Photography Coordinator and an Assistant Professor of

Photography and Design at Valdosta State University in Georgia