Advocate, act, and speak for underrepresented and diverse groups in the United States.

In the Race and Ethnic Studies minor, you will learn how to ask tough questions, discuss controversial topics, and build the skills to lead and advocate for social change.

Career Path

  • Law school
  • Education
  • Graduate school
  • Social work and social services
  • Nursing
  • Public administration (city/state government)
  • Advocacy groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community organizing
  • Business management

What You'll Study


Explore the history and current issues of race and ethnic studies in the place often referred to as where the Civil War ended and the civil rights movement begins, in Farmville.

In this specialized interdisciplinary program, you'll explore the social construction of race, ongoing patterns of institutional racism, and discover the inspiring history of democratic, activist movements in an American context. 



Created and designed as a forum, this 18 credit minor is where students can think and discuss issues carefully, hear guest speakers real-life experiences, attend activism events and learn concepts for discussing race and ethnicity in courses such as

  • Communication in a Diverse Society
  • Citizen Politics
  • Race and Racism in the U.S.
  • Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice