We are here to assist all students and ensure that their time at Longwood is safe, productive and balanced.

AIR supports Longwood's systematic, ongoing and integrated research-based processes for decision making and continuous improvement while promoting a culture of assessment by:

  • Providing leadership and support for academic programs and administrative units in assessing student learning and the student experience
  • Supporting the campus-wide utilization of the institution's online assessment and planning management repository
  • Conducting and assisting faculty and staff in insightful data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting;
  • Enabling faculty/staff to develop leadership in assessment through collegial planning, professional opportunities, and collaborative research
  • Coordinating the development of reports to ensure the university and its programs satisfy federal and state requirements as well as the institutional and specialized professional accreditation agencies requirements
  • Collaborating with faculty and administration to engage in institutional research initiatives together with the appropriate data and research methods
  • Promoting effective communication within and between units regarding empirical research endeavors

In support of Longwood's Strategic Plan, AIR's primary operations cover two areas, Assessment and Institutional Research.

Are you looking for Common Data Set, IPEDS and other institutional reports? Visit the Office of University Analytics.