Infant Toddler Connection

What happens after our doctor or I contact the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia?

When you doctor contacts the Infant & Toddler Connection, you will receive a phone call from someone who will tell you more about early intervention, ask you some questions, and answer any questions you may have.  A time will be set up for a service coordinator to meet you and your child.  If you (instead of your doctor) call the Infant & Toddler Connection yourself, then the person who answers the phone will get some basic information from you and answer your questions.  This person may set up an appointment for someone to meet with you and your child or you may get a second call to make this appointment.

What is a service coordinator?

A service coordinator is a professional who helps you understand the services available to your child and family through the Infant & Toddler Connection and through other community resources.  The service coordinator is a link between your family and other professionals who will work with you.  He or she will make sure your child gets the services he or she needs.

How will I find out if my child can get early intervention services?

This happens through a process call "Eligibility Determination".  Eligibility for early intervention services is based on your child's developmental needs -- not your income.  Early intervention services are available for your child until his or her 3rd birthday.  Information from you, your child's doctor, and from observing your child is used to find out whether he or she needs some extra help with his or her development and learning.

What happens next if my child is eligible for early intervention?

If your child is eligible, your service coordinator will work with you and develop a plan based on what your child needs.  The plan will set out goals for working with you to help your baby do things that are important to his or her growth.  This is called "Individualized Family Service Plan", or IFSP.  The IFSP also lists the services that are needed to meet your goals.  The best provider for your child's services will depend on your child, what is important to you, and how well the provider's training matches with your family's needs.