How proud you must be of your baby and/or toddler!

Young children grow and change almost daily! As a parent, you are the most important person in your baby's life. You give your baby lots of love and you watch the way your child learns and grows. In preparation for your next appointment with your child's health care provider, use this page to think about what your child is already doing and what concerns or questions you want to discuss with your child's nurse or doctor. The developmental checklist describes what most children are doing from birth to 2 and a half years old.

Developmental Checklist

By 4 Months Old

  • Does your baby smile at you when you smile?
  • Does your baby watch you when you move?
  • Does your baby make cooing sounds like "ooo" and "aaa"?
  • Does your baby lift his head and chest when on his tummy?
  • Does your baby play with her hands by touching them together?

By 7 Months Old

  • Does your baby laugh and say bababa or dadada?
  • Does your baby turn his head and look at you when you talk to him?
  • Does your baby feed herself with her fingers?
  • Does your baby roll from his tummy to his back or from his back to tummy?
  • Does your baby learn about toys by putting them in her mouth? (Make sure toys are too big to swallow)
  • Can your baby stay sitting up by himself?

By 10 Months Old

  • Does your baby play "peek-a-boo" or wave "bye-bye" after he sees you do it?
  • Does your baby hold something in each hand at the same time?
  • Does your baby pick up small things (like a Cheerio) using her thumb and one finger?
  • Does your baby scoot or crawl across the floor on his tummy?
  • Does your baby pull up to standing and stand by holding onto furniture?

By 12 Months Old (1 Year Old)

  • Does your baby shake her head "no"?
  • Does your baby look at the right things when you say words like "bottle" or "ball"?
  • Does your baby say "Mama" or "Dada" to the right person?
  • Does your baby find a toy when he sees you hide it?
  • Does your baby take steps when holding onto furniture?

By 15 Months Old

  • Does your baby point or ask for things she wants?
  • Does your baby help with dressing by putting his arm in the sleeve of a shirt?
  • Does your baby say any words besides "mama" or "dada"?
  • Does your baby point to familiar objects when you name them?
  • Does your baby scribble on paper using crayons or pencils?
  • Does your baby walk by herself?

By 18 Months Old

  • Does your child drink from a cup and use a spoon?
  • Does your child say words to tell what he wants?
  • Does your child like to put things in and take things out of containers?
  • Does your child like to look at books and turn pages by herself?

By 24 Months (2 Years Old)

  • Does your child take off his sweater, hat, or socks by himself?
  • Does your child match pairs of objects that are the same (like socks, shoes, or mittens)?
  • Does your child point to pictures in a book when you name them?
  • Has your child begun to use 2 word sentences (like mama's shoe, car go, daddy bye-bye)?
  • Does your child stack things on top of one another?
  • Can your child kick a ball?

By 30 Months (2 1/2 Years Old)

  • Does your child turn the pages of a book, one at a time?
  • Does your child wash and dry her hands?
  • Has your child begun to ask to go to the bathroom?
  • Does your child sometimes use 3 word sentences (like "I want cookie")?
  • Does your child use pronouns like "I", "you", and "me"?
  • Can your child jump from a bottom step?