Temporary Medical Conditions

Temporary medical conditions, such as injuries, surgeries, or acute illnesses, do not qualify as disabilities and are not covered under federal disability laws.

The means of the Accessibility Resources Office is limited to serving students with permanent disabilities.


  • Notify your professors as soon as possible. They are your most important allies. Keep them informed of difficulties you are facing
  • Be proactive by suggesting possible solutions (use of a laptop if you have a hand injury, timeline for making up missed work, etc.)
  • Decisions regarding accommodating your temporary needs are at the discretion of your professors

Ability to Attend Class

If your injury impacts your ability to attend classes for more than a couple days, notify your college’s Academic Dean’s Office:

Mobility-Related Injuries

For mobility-related injuries, contact our office at (434)395-2391.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permit

We can work with Parking Services to assist you in obtaining a temporary accessible (handicapped) parking permit that is good for 7 days. This allows you time to get to the DMV to obtain a 90-day pass, if needed.  

Wheelchair Needs

Due to liability, Longwood does not provide wheelchairs or golf cart transportation.

If your injury is such that you need to utilize a wheelchair, individuals can rent wheelchairs from their provider, purchase one online, or from the local stores in town.

Personal Care Attendant

If your injury is such that you need help from a personal care attendant, please work with your provider to secure one through an outside agency as Longwood does not provide personal care attendants.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding

If you are a student who is pregnant or breastfeeding and in need of assistance or would like to discuss appropriate accommodations, please contact our office at (434)395-2391 or accessibilityresources@longwood.edu.


Stephanie Mooney, M.S.

Assistant Director, Accessibility Resources

(434) 395-4935