Recurring, monthly, or even weekly subscriptions aren’t a new thing. In fact, the large majority of Americans experience the benefits of subscriptions each and every day: Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Music for entertainment, Chewy for our furry friends, Hello Fresh for food, and Amazon Prime for the everyday needs life throws our way. Monthly giving even extends into philanthropy, with nonprofits and foundations receiving overwhelming support from those who choose to give incremental gifts over time.

At Longwood, our recurring giving is recognized by membership in the Fountain Society. The three spotlights below and the 240 other members of the Fountain Society would likely agree that making monthly, recurring gifts isn’t just a means of affecting change, but it is an easier and more streamlined way to make an impact. Much like the water that flows from Longwood’s iconic and much-loved fountains, monthly giving is sustaining and aids in the everyday tasks which help the University achieve our central mission: cultivating citizen leaders who are ready to contribute to the common good.

Check out what a few of our Fountain Society members have to say about their monthly giving.

Cameron Patterson ‘10, M.S. ‘17
Vice President for Student Affairs

Why do you give to Longwood, and why give monthly?
I give to Longwood because I want to invest in our staff and ensure that they have the resources needed to continue the good work of creating meaningful experiences for our students. Student Affairs and the Moton Museum are two areas that I have consistently supported. I'm inspired by the work of both areas and the student connection to campus and our local community. I give monthly because I hope it demonstrates consistency in my commitment to Longwood and its future.

How has Longwood impacted your life?
Longwood is a special place and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving in my life. When I first stepped foot on campus as a prospective student, I was immediately inspired by the late Jimmy Yarbrough, who worked in our Admissions Department. Jimmy had a passion and love for Longwood that knew no bounds. His words made me know immediately that Longwood was the place for me. Our University is a place that continues to inspire and challenge me to be the best version of myself. Longwood is a place that has opened doors of opportunity for me through the many relationships I have developed. As a student, I was blessed to have opportunities to lead, serve, and build friendships that sustain me to this day. And now, as a staff member, I have been fortunate to build a rewarding professional career doing meaningful work for our campus and local community. My goal each day is to help our students find that same sense of belonging and connectedness that I have to this place and to help Longwood be a better and stronger place for future Lancers.

Jeff Thorpe ‘85

Why do you give to Longwood, and why give monthly?
I can never repay what Longwood taught me as a student by providing such a strong foundation for how to be a citizen leader. That strong foundation led me to a successful career today. Giving monthly to Longwood enables me to thank the Longwood community and to develop the next generation of citizen leaders. Additionally, supporting Longwood’s athletic program will continue to bring students, faculty, alumni, and the community together. Willett Hall will always be special to me. Having the ability to help with the building of the Joan Perry Brock Center will provide continued support for Lancer Nation! I urge all graduates to consider giving to such a special place.

How has Longwood impacted your life?
Longwood allowed me the opportunity to succeed. Access to professors, small class sizes, an outstanding learning environment, the community, and the lifelong friends I’ve made, are central to what makes Longwood so special. Longwood helped me become a better citizen and helped me build a successful career by graduating from the ROTC program; serving as an Active-Duty Army Officer; and with the assistance from the wonderful mentors of the History Department, these opportunities allowed me to gain confidence in myself as I, in turn, learned to support others.

My professors and friends instilled in me from the very beginning the importance of collaboration and teamwork, the importance of listening, and a respect for the lessons we learn from people from different backgrounds, experiences and opinions. Longwood truly cares about the students, faculty, and community and I will always be grateful for that care. I’m proud to be a Lancer for life.

Tramane Howard ‘21

Why do you give to Longwood, and why give monthly?
I give to Longwood because I have a deep adoration and love for the University, and because I want to see Longwood grow and prosper for generations to come. As a young alumnus fresh out of undergrad, giving monthly is easier and more affordable as I start my career. Giving monthly also leaves me the opportunity to give more in the future as I grow professionally.

How has Longwood impacted your life?
Longwood impacted my life by helping me find the career that I wanted to pursue and by giving me mentors that I could turn to in a time of need. Longwood also gave me memories, friendships, and lessons that will last a lifetime and continually shape me into the best citizen leader I can be.

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