Prior to Reservations

Avoiding Date Conflicts with Major Events

It is recommended you view the University Events Calendar prior to scheduling your event to avoid major conflicts. Scheduling events to occur at times when few other events or activities are scheduled may increase the attendance rate.

Room and Location Preferences

Whenever possible, the preferred room and/or location requested by the event coordinator will be assigned. However, the Office of Conference and Event Services reserves the right to schedule activities and events in the appropriate locations, taking into account the size, accommodations, traffic, and general nature of the event, and to schedule the necessary support services staff to ensure safe operation of the event.

Room Reservations

Reservations Coordinated through the Conference and Event Services Office

Conferences and Event Services handles room reservations and scheduling of events for internal and external groups. Space must be requested using the reservation system. Requests should be submitted via electronic scheduling form at least 2 weeks prior to the event. If you do not have access, please call the Scheduling Manager at 395-2228.

Reservations Not Coordinated through the Conference and Event Services Office

Conference and Event Services does not handle reservations for academic classes, athletic events, or the Longwood University Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA). Contact information for reservations not handled by our office is as follows:

  • Academic Classes: Registrar's Office, (434) 395-2746
  • Athletic Events: Athletics Department, (434) 395-2057
  • Longwood Center for the Visual Arts: LCVA Director, (434) 395-2206

Confirmation of Reservations

Conference and Event Services will determine the availability of space based on the scheduling software, Resource 25, and will send confirmation to the event planner, provided all necessary information and approvals are obtained for the event. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the contact person when the location has been confirmed. Your request will remain tentative until that time. All reservations are subject to operating, rental, and other policies.

Major Procedures to be aware of include:

  • Catering Services: ARAMARK is the official, exclusive caterer of the University and any activity held on the campus requiring food and beverage service must use the services of ARAMARK. Outside caterers are not permitted. Food service charges will be paid directly to ARAMARK, separate from other facility rental charges. Once the University has approved your room reservation, it is the event coordinator's responsibility to contact the Catering Office at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  • Audio/Visual and Technology Needs: Longwood has a limited amount of audio-visual resources available for use. Groups may use equipment provided their request for such equipment is received at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. Based on availability, Conference and Event Services will schedule your resources and send to the service providers. After you receive the written confirmation, changes and new arrangements need to make directly with the service providers.
    External groups will incur a charge for use of audio-visual equipment.
    A charge for replacement will be assessed to any group, internal or external, if the equipment is not returned immediately following the event or if the equipment is damaged during the event.
  • Security: It is the policy of Longwood University that all events involving or sponsored by student or external groups where alcohol is served require security staffing. Student or external groups with more than 150 people in attendance, whether alcohol is served or not, require security staffing. The Department of Public Safety will provide all staffing at cost to the sponsoring group.
    Event managers for internal groups may request security staffing at their discretion. The Director of Athletics, in consultation with the Director of Public Safety, will determine the need for security staffing at Longwood University athletic events.

    • Student groups must comply with Student Handbook guidelines. This procedure requires students to pay for security staffing in advance and the request must be submitted at least seven days prior to the actual event.
    • External clients are required to submit requests for security staffing a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the event and to pre-pay for security staffing.
    • Events planned by faculty and staff should request staffing a minimum of seven (7) days in advance. Event manager, for internal events, can request security at their discretion and costs will be incurred by the event planner.
      d. Outdoor events, including beer gardens, will be required to have security present.
  • Overtime/Additional Charges for Staffing:Events requiring overtime or set expenses (including housekeeping, physical plant assistance, and equipment set up) may require additional charges for support services.
  • Liability: The requester shall assume responsibility for liability for injury to Longwood employees or damage to Longwood property in connection with the use of Longwood facilities. The requester shall agree to hold Longwood harmless for any and all liability relating to the requesters employees or guests. Formal evidence of insurance coverage may be required where the nature of the event presents a serious loss situation.