Application Process

We do not offer a direct application for the Cormier Honors College, but use a two-tiered process:

  • The Office of Admissions staff screens incoming applicants using high school GPA, and academic background.
  • The Honors College staff then reviews the applications to the Honors College and sends decisions and scholarship awards based on the strength of the application.

What does a two-tiered process mean?

Tier 1: Apply to Longwood as any regular prospective student would. The Office of Admissions screens incoming applicants using high school GPA and academic background. Eligible students will receive an invitation to apply to the Cormier Honors College.

Interested Students can indicate on the Longwood University application interest in joining the Honors College. The Honors College staff will review your qualifications and academic transcripts.

Tier 2 Complete the Honors Portfolio

The Honors Portfolio is designed to capture who you are as a whole, not just what is said by standardized testing or your high school GPA.

Honors Portfolio details will be sent along with your invitation to apply to the Honors College.


The minimum GPA and test scores that we typically look for from applicants are:

GPA: 3.75

Achieving the above scores does not guarantee acceptance to our program and having a lower GPA or test scores do not automatically disqualify you from being accepted into the Cormier Honors College. We look at applications holistically.

Transfer Students

Transferring students from the Virginia Community College system and from senior institutions with recognized Honors Programs may normally apply completed Honors courses from their previous institutions toward Longwood's Honors College requirements.