As an Honors student, does it matter what I choose for my major?

No. Honors classes and requirements complement any major.

Am I going to have a lot of extra work? Or take a lot of extra classes?

No, as the saying goes ‘it’s not more work, it’s different work.’ Honors classes are used to fulfill both major and Honors course requirements. Honors classes tend to be more seminar-based rather than lecture-based and many are interdisciplinary. Students often have input over what they want to learn about in classes that are smaller in size than normal classes.

How high do I have to keep my grades in order to stay in Honors?

The minimum GPA to maintain your Honors status is a 3.25. If your course average dips below this threshold then you will submit a plan that articulates how you plan to get back on track academically as well as meet with the honors advisor.

Do I have an Honors advisor that can help me plan what courses to take and when?

Yes. The honors advisor will help you stay on schedule while on your journey to fulfilling Honors requirements, but it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their honors work.

Are there scholarships to help pay for my study abroad/away?

Yes. There are scholarship opportunities through the CHC, the Center for Global Engagement (study abroad programs) and Brock Experiences (domestic study away programs). Financial Aid funds can be used towards your study abroad/away experience, depending on the program you choose.

If I took Honors classes at another college or university do they count towards your Honors credit requirements?

Up to three Honors courses that have been taken within an Honors program at an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university can be applied to the 8 course Honors requirement if you are a transfer student. Since the Honors requirement is tabulated by number of completed Honors courses (as opposed to Honors credits), the range of credits that transfer may vary, while not impacting the Honors course transferability.

For example:
1 credit Honors course taken at Southwest Virginia Community College = 1 Honors course requirement fulfilled
3 credit Honors course completed at Piedmont Virginia Community College = 1 Honors course requirement fulfilled
4 credit Honors course completed at Stratford University = 1 Honors course requirement fulfilled

To reiterate, three completed Honors courses taken at an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university, can be transferred and applied towards the 8 Honors course requirement.

Am I eligible to be part of the Honors College if I was previously enrolled somewhere else? For example, if I have a dual degree or Associate’s degree?

Yes. Students are eligible for acceptance into the Cormier Honors College at Longwood University so long as the following expectations have been met:

  1. Have been accepted to Longwood University.
  2. Have maintained an academic standing that falls within the parameters of application eligibility.
  3. Are intending on enrolling in a minimum of 8 Honors courses while attending Longwood (minus incoming honors courses from another honors program).

I have a question that isn’t listed here, how do I get that question answered?

Please email our office or call (434) 395-2904.