Every single student accepted into the Cormier Honors College is eligible forĀ a renewable scholarship.

Scholarship Aid

Scholarships range from $500/year to full ride (tuition, room/board on campus, books). Some of the most competitive CHC renewable scholarships, ranging from $2,000/year to $10,000/year, include:

  • the Cormier Citizen Scholars
  • the Hull Scholars for students entering the teaching profession
  • the Longwood Scholars

All incoming Honors freshmen receive a merit-based scholarship of at least $500 and are eligible for a range of other merit-based scholarships. Early completion of application materials for both the University and the Honors College is necessary to ensure consideration for any of these awards.

Priority consideration for Honors scholarships is given to students who apply to Honors by December 1.

Scholarship Range from $500/year – full ride (tuition, room/board on campus, books).

Additionally, students receive scholarship toward a study abroad/away program during their time at Longwood.