Please note: The policies on this page are merely excerpts from the Student Handbook, please refer to the handbook for a full description of University Policies.

Non-Smoking Areas

It is the objective of Longwood University to provide the healthiest environment possible. The new policy is designed to promote healthy lifestyles as well as to protect students, faculty and staff from second-hand smoke, while addressing the growing litter problem on campus that is directly related to smoking. 


  • Smoking is prohibited:
    • on or within facilities owned or leased by the University,
    • in University-owned vehicles, and
    • on the campus grounds except in designated areas.
  • Smoking is prohibited at any University-owned outdoor athletic facility except in designated areas.
  • All cigarette butts must be disposed of in urns provided in the "Designated Smoking Areas" or urns located at various locations around the perimeter of the main campus
  • Use of person vaporizers is considered smoking for the purposes of this policy
  • Designated smoking areas include:
    • Between Eason & Jarman
    • West Madison at the old greenhouse
    • Chambers Court across from Coyner
    • The north-eastern & south-eastern corners of Dorrill
    • West Redford at ARC
    • East Redford
    • East end of Willett
    • Race Street at the Library
    • Wygal at the Parking Lot
    • Corner of Pine and Franklin next to Hull Lot
    • Venable St at the Bristow Lot


  • It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, and staff to observe the No-Smoking Policy.
  • It is the responsibility of each supervisor, manager, department head, director, dean, and vice president to enforce the provisions of this policy with the employees in their area of accountability. All students, faculty, and staff share the responsibility of keeping the campus clean, attractive, and litter-free.


Smoking is the lighting or burning of any pipe, cigar, cigarette, or other tobacco product. Use of person vaporizers is considered smoking for the purposes of this policy


  • 1st Offense:    Letter of Admonition
  • 2nd Offense:   $25.00 Fine
  • 3rd Offense:    $50.00 Fine and Disciplinary Probation
  • 4th Offense:    Suspension

Staying During Breaks

Students may register to stay on campus during Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring break only. This register to stay process will be communicated prior to a break period. The registration process will allow continued card access into the assigned Longwood Managed Properties. Accommodations during break periods are restricted to resident use only.  Guests are not permitted. Campus dining facilities are closed during recognized university breaks.


The complete University Alcohol policy is available from the student handbook, the following simply lists regulations pertaining to resident students.

  • All Longwood University students are required to abide by local, state, and federal regulations regarding alcohol and drugs.
  • Alcoholic beverages must not be brought into or consumed within:
    • freshman residence halls/floors/apartments
    • residence hall buildings designated as alcohol-free (Moss Hall, Formerly Curry Hall)
    • other residence hall floors that choose not to have alcohol present in the living environment
  • The possession, consumption, or presence of alcohol is prohibited at all times in residence hall rooms if each of the residents assigned to live in the room (i.e., the total head count comprising the living space) is under the age of 21. This restriction does not apply if at least one of the room's residents is of legal age


Students are permitted to have non-carnivorous, non-poisonous fish in their rooms in tanks no larger than 10 gallons. Frogs, turtles, hermit crabs, amphibians, and reptiles are not fish and are therefore not permitted.  No other type of animal is permitted in residence hall rooms or Longwood managed apartments.  Persons possessing pets in violation of this regulation will be required to remove the animal within 24 hours.  There may be instances where the animal must be removed immediately.  Students will face disciplinary action, including a University fine, and will also be responsible for any damages that have occurred. All damages will be assessed by RCL staff members.

Residents of the Longwood managed apartments must also be aware that in addition to the charges described above they will also face the cost of replacing carpet even if there is no visible damage to ensure the carpet is pet dander free.  The replacement of the carpet will take place as soon as the Longwood Real Estate Foundation is able to arrange for the change.  If an animal is found in the apartment again, the entire process including an additional replacement of the carpet at the pet owner’s expense.  Additional charges to clean or replace furniture or walls will be assessed at the discretion of RCL and Real Estate Foundation staff members. 

Obviously, this policy does not apply to animals that have been approved by the Office of Disability Support Services.

Room Entry

Students can expect to have a reasonable degree of privacy in their rooms and suites and in the community at large. However, when circumstances warrant it, university staff are authorized to enter a student's room utilizing a master key for reasons related to safety, security, health, legal or university disciplinary concerns. At all times, students are expected to cooperate with those conducting a search and/or carrying out their duties as specified by the University.