Please encourage your students to submit their best, publishable work to Incite, Longwood’s undergraduate research journal. The journal is now open to submissions from across the university community. Please share this call for submissions and the submission guidelines with your students.

Submissions should be refined, polished versions of work done in classes or as independent projects conducted with faculty, and must be approved by the faculty mentor before submission.

Students should submit their original research-based written work (including research projects or papers produced for a class or as a senior or junior thesis, or a capstone class) formatted in accordance with the Incite stylesheets, including any tables, diagrams, or photos in correct size and format.


All submissions should be emailed to the Editor, Dr. Larissa Tracy:

Please put your name, email, department, faculty supervisor, and the title of your submission on the submission itself.


The initial deadline for submissions, including student work from the 2020/2021 academic year, is 30 September 2021.    

The final deadline for student work for fall of this year (2021/2022) is  20 December, 2021.

All submissions will initially be reviewed by the Incite Advisory Board and will be sent out for additional faculty content review if necessary.



30 September 2021         Submission deadline for material from the previous spring semester.

15 November 2021          Advisory Board comments/reader’s review will be sent to the author

20 December 2021           Submission deadline for material from the fall semester.

13 January 2022                Advisory Board comments/reader’s review will be sent to the author

14 February 2022              Review of submissions for the Incite awards by the Incite Advisory Board, after all revision, copyediting and proof-reading   have been done.

20 April 2022                      Spring Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry: students whose work will appear in Incite or who have won an Incite award, will be listed as such in the program and will have a badge or ribbon for their presentation.

Summer 2022                     Copies of Incite sent to award winners, faculty Mentors, advisory board  members, and department chairs


Submission Guidelines:

Students may submit written or visual work from their classes or from independent research projects conducted with faculty. These should not simply be the assignments turned in for a grade but should reflect further expansion and development with the guidance of the faculty mentor. They should be projects that incorporate research that is relevant to the specific assignment.

Poster presentations or PowerPoints will NOT be accepted; these projects should be submitted as written articles or papers following the appropriate style.

Student research submissions may include, but are not limited to:

  • senior seminar research papers/projects
  • original research projects
  • literature reviews
  • research papers done for coursework
  • translations
  • revised and expanded versions of pieces previously published in Omnipedia Review
  • write ups of any other type of research study
  • research proposals
  • research articles
  • original written creative work including (but not limited to): fiction, poetry, plays, etc.

All student work should be read by their instructor before submission.

Please visit the Incite website for more information or contact Dr. Larissa "Kat" Tracy for more information.