Congratulations to the recipients of the Best Student Paper and Faculty Mentor Awards for Incite, Longwood University’s Undergraduate Research Journal. You can read these and other student publications in the recent edition of InciteVolume 13

Best Student Paper Award Winners:


Payton Davenport, Audrey Lemons, and Jacob Shope (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Sarai Blincoe)

* The Effect of Compliment type on the estimated value of the compliment

Published in Incite, Psychology, Spring 2022

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Social Sciences Incite Award


Cassandra Poole (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Amorette Barber)

* Longwood University’s campus: human-cultivated soil has higher microbial diversity than soil collected from wild sites

Published in Incite, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Spring 2022

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Natural Sciences Incite Award


Haley Smith (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. David Coles)

* The Imperial Japanese Military: A New Identity in the 20th Century, 1853-1922.

Published in Incite, History, Political Science, and Philosophy Spring 2022

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Humanities Incite Award


Incite Faculty Mentor Award Winner:

 Dr. John Miller, faculty mentor for Suzanne Stetson 

* Reconciling Reader Response and Feminism in Late Twentieth-Century Erotic Historical Romances

Published in Incite, English and Modern Languages, Spring 2022


Please encourage your students to submit their best, publishable work to Incite, Longwood’s undergraduate research journal. The journal is now open to submissions from across the university community. Please share this call for submissions and the submission guidelines with your students.

Submissions should be refined, polished versions of work done in classes or as independent projects conducted with faculty, and must be approved by the faculty mentor before submission.

Students should submit their original research-based written work (including research projects or papers produced for a class or as a senior or junior thesis, or a capstone class) formatted in accordance with the Incite stylesheets, including any tables, diagrams, or photos in correct size and format.


All submissions should be emailed to the Editor, Dr. Larissa Tracy:

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