The Faculty Board of Incite, in conjunction with the Office of Student Research, is pleased to announce the creation of a single faculty award of $500 for mentorship of a student submission to Incite. This is a university-wide award that recognizes the additional work it takes for faculty to mentor students to publication. 

Faculty are automatically nominated when their student's piece goes forward to publication, but they must submit the following to the editor once the student submission has been approved and cleared for publication:

  • A statement from the student that indicates how the faculty was involved.
  • A statement from the faculty mentor on their involvement, including specific tasks in working with the student (research design, data collection, the number of revisions, etc.).
  • A statement on the nature of the work (class assignment, independent research project, etc.).

Award recipients will be selected by the Incite Board. The award will be announced during the Spring Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry Day and presented during the General Faculty Meeting at the beginning of the following fall semester.‚Äč


In addition, this is a reminder that the final deadline for submission of student work for fall of this year (2021/2022) is December 20, 2021.

Students should submit their original research-based written work (including research projects or papers produced for a class or as a senior or junior thesis, or a capstone class) formatted in accordance with the Incite stylesheets, including any tables, diagrams, or photos in correct size and format.

Students need to include their name, email, department, faculty supervisor, and the title of the submission on the submission itself.
All submissions should be emailed to the Editor, Dr. Larissa Tracy:


For more information about submissions, please visit the Incite website.


Please email Dr. Kat Tracy, Editor of, for more information.