Genevieve McAlexander is a senior at Longwood University. She is majoring in psychology and she also has a minor in business administration. The goal of her independent research is to refine and validate an assessment instrument called the five-factor model of personality disorder questionnaire. She has been participating in research during her senior year and is working to develop a single measure that adequately captures the maladaptive personality traits that comprise personality disorders. Genevieve decided to become involved in this independent research project because “Dr. Crego mentioned it in class and I thought it was interesting. I wanted to expand my knowledge of psychology by doing a research project.” 

Genevieve says that “Participating in this independent research project has had a positive impact on my life because I was able to work with other educated individuals. I strengthened many skills like teamwork and statistics and has given me a more in depth understanding of personality psychology.” 

Her favorite part about doing the research was “becoming a student researcher and opening my mind up to all the different possibilities that this opportunity has provided me.” 

Genevieve will present her research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in April 2021. Her future career goals are to either to become a human resources manager or to go to graduate school to become a therapist. 


Congratulations to Genevieve on her successful research!  

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