The Office of Student Research is proud to feature Haley Bresnahan in this week’s “Scholar Story”.

Haley Bresnahan is a senior at Longwood University. Haley is majoring in Biology and she also has a minor in Chemistry. While at Longwood, Haley participated in two independent research projects, one in biology and one in chemistry. Her current research in Dr. Amorette Barber’s immunology lab focuses on enhancing T cell recognition of lymphoma and leukemia using genetic engineering. In the summer of 2020, she also participated in Longwood’s summer PRISM research program where she conducted organic chemistry research with Dr. Andrew Yeagley. During this research project, Haley worked to improve antibiotic resistance by targeting bacterial biofilms. She became involved in research because she “wanted to apply the topics I learned in class and make my small contribution to the scientific community.”

Through research, Haley has learned “how challenging research can be, but with persistence the answer can be found.” Participating in interdisciplinary undergraduate research has led her to pursue a career in medical research.

Haley recently presented her immunology research at the National Council for Undergraduate Research annual meeting in April 2021. She also will present her research at the Virginia Academy of Sciences annual meeting in May 2021.

After graduation in May 2021, Haley will attend VCU to pursue a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry.

Congratulations to Haley on her success!


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