Do you have an interesting research idea? Do you want to investigate your research topic in more depth? If so, you should consider completing a Senior Honors Research project.


What does a SHR project entail?  Briefly, the student conducts a two-semester research project during the fall and spring of their senior year, culminating in a Senior Honors Research Paper that is included in the Greenwood Library’s permanent collection.  This program is excellent preparation for graduate programs and for those seeking employment after graduation.    

A student undertaking SHR needs to be self-directed and capable of doing independent research, and the faculty member needs to be comfortable with guiding and directing the student through the project.  The ideal candidate for the program is currently a junior who excels academically.  The student will work with their faculty director during the spring of their junior year to develop a proposal, which the student presents to the SHR committee at the end of the spring semester.  Projects that are approved are carried out during the summer, fall, and spring of the student’s senior year.  The student will receive graded credit for 498 and 499 (six credits in total) in the appropriate discipline.  Pending successful completion of the program, the student will graduate with University Honors and be publicly recognized at graduation for their exceptional academic achievement.

Please visit the Senior Honors Research website for more information.


The Senior Honors Research Committee is determined to continue the tradition of enhancing student degrees with the honors that come from completing the program in the 2020/21 academic year. The Senior Honors Research committee will be meeting (via​ Zoom) on the reading day (December 1st) in hopes to hear any student project proposals for the Spring/Fall 2021 year. The proposal document itself is due to the committee two weeks prior to this date (November 17).

To be eligible, students should be enrolled with at least Junior status in the Spring of 2021 and graduating on or after Fall 2021 in order to complete the necessary coursework. 


Please contact Dr. Andrew Yeagely ( for more information about this opportunity.


We look forward to hearing from you and your students!​​