If you spent time and effort doing research, you definitely want to get the most out of it. In creating and submitting a Digital Presentation to Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR), you get the benefit of archiving your work in Digital Commons, Longwood University's repository. But what if your research is not i the form of a PowerPoint presentation?

First, it's helpful to understand that you, as the author, have full control over what you share. If you are still in the process of undertaking research, you could share your initial findings or a draft. If you intend to develop the topic into a larger project like a senior seminar paper or thesis, you could share just a small portion of that. If you are just starting research, you could share the literature review. The purpose of the presentation is to share your research in the form you want. As this Sample Digital Presentation (link expired)  shows, a presentation is not all of your research, just the highlights. And this Digital Presentation Worksheet (link expired) can help you organize your existing research into a Digital Presentation. 

In doing a Digital Presentation, you will extend the benefits you receive beyond student research day! Even as you give your oral presentation, poster or exhibit at the Symposium, your Digital Presentation can be gaining views from individuals outside of Longwood University. The submission deadline is April 13, 2018. You can submit to SPUR using this link.