2021 Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting

Virginia Academy of Science
Saturday, October 30, 2021  
Hampden-Sydney College   
9 am – ~5 pm 


Deadline for electronic submission of 2021 Undergraduate Research Grant Applications is October 1, 2021. 


The VAS Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting is a research grant proposal competition, which has been held annually since the Fall of 2001.  In order to participate in this meeting, undergraduate students, in conjunction with their faculty mentors, are required to:  

(1)   Prepare and submit the online Undergraduate Research Grant Application by the October 1 deadline.      https://secure4.hsc.edu/forms/view.php?id=168386

(2)   Develop posters outlining the proposed research (following the criteria of the Fall Meeting Poster Guidelines) and present their posters at the Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting on October 1.

NOTE:  Both the Research Grant Applications and the Poster Presentations will be evaluated to determine the recipients of the research grants.  

Up to seven Undergraduate Research Grant Awards of $500 each will be awarded to selected recipients at the end of this meeting.  The grant award recipients will also be awarded student membership in the Virginia Academy of Science for 2021-2022 and will be expected to present the results of their research at the 2022 VAS Annual Meeting in May at University of Richmond.

Please note that it is the intention of VAS to distribute the Undergraduate Research Grant Awards by institution, discipline, and faculty mentors. 


Meeting Participation Procedures

  1. Each grant application must include one or more undergraduate students and one or more faculty mentors.
  2. The Undergraduate Research Grant Application can be accessed and completed here: https://secure4.hsc.edu/forms/view.php?id=168386


Student applicants do not need to be members of the Virginia Academy of Science.                                        

Faculty mentors must be members in good standing (i.e., paid dues for 2021) of the Virginia Academy of Science by the October 1 grant application submission deadline.  Current VAS membership status can be confirmed by contacting the VAS Associate Executive Officer at vasoffice@vacadsci.org 

If needed, the VAS Individual Membership Form is available on the VAS website via the link below.  



  1. The deadline for student applicants and their mentors to complete the online Undergraduate Research Grant Application is Friday, October 1, 2021(by midnight).
  2. Student applicants must register for and attend the 2021 VAS Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting on Saturday October 30, 2021 at Hampden-Sydney College (in Prince Edward County)and present posters outlining their proposed research projects (following the criteria of the Fall Meeting Poster Guidelines).  

If needed, driving directions to Hampden-Sydney College are available on the Hampden-Sydney College website via the link below. 



  NOTE:  Registration information will be available on the VAS website at a later date.  

 The deadline for registering for the 2021 VAS Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting is Friday October 16, 2021.  


The Office of Student Research will pay for the student registration fees for this conference. Please contact Amorette Barber, barberar@longwood.edu, for more information.