The Virginia Academy of Science (VAS) Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting is a research grant proposal competition, which has been held annually since the Fall of 2001.  In order to participate in this meeting undergraduate students, in conjunction with their faculty mentors, are required to: 


(1)   Prepare and submit an Undergraduate Research Grant Application by the October 1 deadline. 

(2)   Develop posters outlining the proposed research (following the criteria of the Fall Meeting Poster Guidelines) and present their posters (virtually) at the Fall Undergraduate Research Meeting on November 7.


NOTE:  Both the Research Grant Applications and the Poster Presentations will be evaluated to determine the recipients of the research grants. 


Five Undergraduate Research Grant Awards of $500 each will be awarded to selected recipients at the end of this meeting.  The grant award recipients will also be awarded student membership in the Virginia Academy of Science for 2021 and will be expected to present the results of their research at the 2021 VAS Annual Meeting in May at James Madison University.


Visit the Virginia Academy of Science website for more information on this opportunity to present student research Virginia Academy of Science.

The Office of Student Research will cover the cost of student registration ($15) for students who present their research at this conference.

Email Amorette Barber with any questions.