Class Standing

Grade level progression is as follows:

  • Freshman 01 - 24 credit hours
  • Sophomore 25 - 55 credit hours
  • Junior 56 - 88 credit hours
  • Senior 89 + credit hours

Examination Schedule

See Exam Scale.

Termination of Access to Mylongwood and live.longwood email

Student statusAccess to myLongwood terminatesAccess to live email
Graduated 30 days from Graduation (in Banner) Indefinitely
Withdrawn One year (12 months) from Withdrawal One year (12 months) from Withdrawal
Suspended One year (12 months) from Suspension One year (12 months) from Suspension

Withdrawal from Individual Classes

Students may withdraw from individual classes with a grade of "W" (not computed in the GPA) until 5:00 p.m. on the 35th day of regularly scheduled classes. After that date, withdrawals from individual classes are not permitted except for medical or other non-academic emergencies. A student who withdraws, for medical reasons, from a class after the 35th day of regularly scheduled classes must, by noon of the last class day, have a letter sent to the Dean of the student's college by the student’s personal physician, detailing the nature of the illness and recommending withdrawal for medical reasons. In extenuating circumstances not related to academic performance, the Dean may grant a withdrawal from an individual course if a written request from the student is received by noon of the last class day. If the Dean approves the request, the Dean will send a copy of the request or letter to the Office of the Registrar and all affected grades for that semester will be noted as "W" on the student’s transcript. The Dean will notify the student’s faculty members of any grade changes.

Residential students who fall below full-time status with such a withdrawal will be referred to the office of the Dean of Students for special permission to remain in the residence hall.

For classes held in non-traditional time frames, such as summer school or for off-campus offerings, students may withdraw with no academic penalty during the first half of the course, but may not withdraw during the second half of the course except for medical or other non-academic emergencies.

The deadline to withdraw without academic penalty should not be confused with any deadline to withdraw and receive a full or partial refund of charges. Please see the "Expenses and Financial Aid Refunds and Charge Adjustments" section of the online catalog for information related to refunds and charge adjustments.