See our transfer equivalency system instructions for assistance.  

Statement of General Transfer Policy

If you are a Graduate student, please go to Graduate Transfer of Credit policies.

In general, credits are accepted from institutions that are accredited by the appropriate regional accreditation agency provided such credits carry a grade of “C” or better and are comparable to courses offered at Longwood University (see exceptions listed in Specific Policies). Transfer of credit does not necessarily imply applicability to specific degree requirements.

Transfer Articulation Agreement With The Virginia Community College System (VCCS), Richard Bland College (RBC), The Maryland Community College System (MCCS) and Other Approved Out-of-State Associate Degree Programs.

A student who:

  • has graduated from a transfer-oriented associate degree program at a Virginia community college, RBC, MCCS, or other approved out-of-state associate degree program with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher on a four-point scale as shown on the official transcript,
  • has earned a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher in each community college course applicable to the transfer-oriented associate degree program,
  • has submitted an official transcript showing completion of the transfer-oriented associate degree and (if applicable) official documents regarding advanced standing examinations to the Longwood Admissions Office, and intends to transfer to Longwood is guaranteed admission to Longwood and may expect the following:
    1. Completion of the transfer-oriented associate degree program will guarantee completion of all lower division goals (1-11) associated with Longwood’s general education program or all Foundation-level courses as well as the Integrating World Languages Perspectives-level course associated with Longwood’s Civitae core curriculum program.
    2. For any course for which the student earned a “C” or better, Longwood will articulate equivalent course credit whenever possible.  Any course for which an equivalent does not exist will articulate as an elective.
    3. The student will not be required to repeat course content for which they have earned a “C” or better that has been evaluated as equivalent to a course at Longwood; however, students may be required to complete additional credits to meet the certain prerequisite, major, program, and/or degree requirements.

    High school students who have earned an associate degree concurrent with high school graduation are not eligible for guaranteed admission under the terms of this agreement.  Such students are considered freshman applicants with transfer credit.  If admitted, no distinction will be made by Longwood University regarding college courses applicable to the transfer-oriented associates degree that is completed through dual enrollment.  Those students completing transfer associate degrees, upon receipt of official transcript demonstrating completion of the GAA requirements, will be awarded a waiver for lower-level Longwood University Civitae Core courses, with the exception of enrolling in ENGL 265, The Writing and Rhetoric of Citizenship.

    In addition, the following will be required of these students to support their transition to Longwood University.

    1. They must attend freshman orientation.
    2. They must live in on-campus housing unless qualified for a release. On-campus housing is guaranteed for these students.

    Longwood cannot guarantee that students will be able to complete all requirements for graduation within the 120-credit minimum required for graduation.  Upon enrollment, Longwood will work with the students under this agreement on a plan detailing the remaining coursework required in the program in which the student is matriculating. Likelihood of completion within the 120-credit minimum increases if students stay within their declared major, have met specific pre-requisites at the VCCS institution for their majors, make satisfactory progress, or enter Longwood after graduating from a program-specific agreement.

    Acceptance in some degree programs at Longwood University is competitive; thus guaranteed admission into Longwood University does not imply admission to these programs without further acceptance by the program or department offering the program. Students under this agreement must meet specific GPA and prerequisites for admission into particular programs including Education, Business, and Nursing.

    Longwood accepts credit for CLEP, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, military training/experience, or other forms of advanced standing according to stated policies in the Longwood catalog appropriate to students under this agreement.

    All other associate degrees will be examined individually for applicability of transfer credit.

Specific Policies for Transfer of Credits

  1. Students wishing to transfer VCCS “General Usage Courses” (such as cooperative education, seminar and project, and supervised study) will have to provide a college evaluator with additional information about the specific content of such courses.
  2. No transfer credit is granted for developmental work.
  3. No transfer credit is granted for orientation courses, unless the student has earned the AS, AA or AA&S from the VCCS, RBC, or MCCS.
  4. Two courses with essentially the same content cannot both be counted toward the same degree.
  5. Hours or fractions in excess of those carried by Longwood courses for which equivalency are made are counted as free electives. Hours or fractions waived in accepting course equivalences must be made up by elective credits to meet the total semester-hour requirements for a degree.

The cumulative grade point average of each student will be calculated only on work taken at Longwood. Transfer credit accepted from other institutions will be used to reduce the number of credits required for graduation, but it will not enter into the calculation of the grade point average.

Additional Transfer Policy for Current and Former Longwood Students Taking Courses for Credit at Other Institutions

Any currently enrolled undergraduate who wishes to take work at another institution to transfer to Longwood must secure permission from his/her Dean prior to enrolling in such courses. Prior approval provides the student the opportunity to have the course reviewed to determine:

  1. whether the course will transfer;
  2. whether the course will satisfy a particular requirement; and
  3. whether the course might be considered a duplicate of a course already taken at Longwood.

Upon completion of work, official transcripts must be sent from the host institution to the Office of the Registrar.