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How can I pay my fees by Credit Card?

Please see the information on Payment Methods.

What if my payment arrives one day late?

Payments must be received by Longwood University on, or before, the due date. Any account with an unpaid or unsecured balance after 5:00pm on the due date may be subject to a non-refundable late payment fee.

What if I need to withdraw funds from an investment account and the funds will not be available until after the due date?

Late payment fees may be assessed in such situations. We recommend that you plan withdrawals of funds so that the funds will be available in time to meet the payment deadline.

What if I didn't receive a bill?

Please reference the Ebills section on the Billing Process page.

Where are local Western Union locations?

  • Walgreens
    1401 S Main Street
    Farmville, Va. 23901
    (434) 392-4165
  • Food Lion
    1592 S Main St
    Farmville, Va. 23901
    (434) 392-9486
  • WoodForest
    1800 Peery Drive
    Farmville, Va. 23901
    (434) 315-0058
  • FAS MART #7
    401 W 3rd St
    Farmville, VA 23901-1203
    (434) 392-9823

What if I have financial aid or some other form of tuition assistance not listed on my billing statement? May I deduct the tuition assistance from my billed balance and pay only the difference?

Please reference the section Important Notes Regarding Payments and Deductions to Payments. This section should answer most of your questions related to subtracting the various forms of tuition assistance. Please note that it is never a good idea to subtract an amount from your payment without first confirming that the tuition assistance is fully "secured". Please contact Longwood University's Office of Student Accounts or Longwood University's Office of Financial Aid for specific guidance related to tuition assistance.

If I receive a bill and pay the amount in full and then incur additional charges on my student account due to adding classes or adding/changing meal plans, etc. when do I need to pay for the additional charges to avoid a late fee?

Students are responsible for paying or securing with financial aid, 3rd party assistance, or enrollment in the payment plan, all charges on or before the semester's due date or late fees may be applied. Any charges incurred after the initial due date of the semester bill are due when assessed. The account balance should be maintained at zero after the original semester due date. Ebill notices may be generated weekly to remind students of amounts due. However, students and authorized users should continue to monitor their "Current Account Balance" on a regular basis.

After registering for a semester, when will my tuition & fee account display accurate "current due" information?

For most students, accurate tuition & fee balances may be viewed on-line following the first Ebill notice for each semester. There are, however, certain circumstances which may temporarily cause Inaccurate Balance Due information to appear on a student's billing screen. If a student has completed all requirements and/or submitted appropriate notifications, all accounts should display the correct "Current Due" before the semester payment due date.

If any of the following registration/student-status conditions apply, please periodically recheck your student account for updated/revised "Current Due":

  • International Study Programs: Students registered to participate in Longwood University-approved study abroad programs.
  • Student Teaching Abroad Assignments: Students registered to earn Longwood University credit hours while student teaching abroad.
  • One-for-One Exchange Programs: Longwood University students or foreign students registered to participate in reciprocal study abroad programs.
  • Academic Common-Market: Out-of-State students admitted to Longwood University under a Southern Regional Education Board-approved consortium agreement authorizing Virginia (In-State) tuition rates.
  • Special Arrangement Contracts: Out-of-State students employed by a Virginia employer for whom the (Virginia) employer has agreed to assume the liability for paying. To be eligible for In-State tuition rates, a signed contract between the employer and Longwood University must be on file with the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Virginia Military Survivor and Dependent Education Program (VMSDEP): Students for whom a Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) VMSDEP Waiver form has been approved and received by Longwood University's Office of Student Accounts.
  • Senior Citizen Waiver Program: Students for whom a (per semester) Code-of-Virginia-approved "Senior Citizen Waiver" form has been completed/approved with Longwood University's Office of the Registrar.
  • 3rd Party Tuition Assistance: Any student for the benefit of whom an outside agency has approved, and delivered to Longwood, a guarantee of payment directly to the University. Advance credit for tuition assistance may be granted for the following types of 3rd party tuition assistance:
    • Employer-approved Tuition Assistance
    • Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Assistance
    • Department for the Blind & Vision Impaired (DBVI) Assistance
    • State (Virginia and/or Out-of-State) Guaranteed-Prepaid Tuition & Fee Programs
    • Virginia State National Guard Assistance (STAP)
    • Go Army Ed Tuition-Fee Assistance / Federal Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Assistance (National Guard, Army Reserve, etc)
    • Department of Veterans Affairs Post 9-11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) Assistance = Certificate of Eligibility(Issued in Student's Name) Required
    • ROTC Scholarships = Signed Contract Required
    • Miscellaneous Outside-Agency-Issued Scholarships
    • Other 3rd Party Guaranteed Tuition Assistance Programs

Student Accounts

How do I access my student account information in the myLongwood portal?

The portal is available at myLongwood. You will find your student account information on the Student tab in the My Student Account channel in the portal.

Will I have to have a user ID and password to access the myLongwood portal?

Yes, you will log on to the portal using your LancerNet ID and password (the same credentials that you use to access your Longwood email).

Will my student account information be sent to me in the mail?

No, your student account information will be available in the myLongwood portal ONLY. This information WILL NOT be sent to you in the mail.

Does Longwood offer a Monthly Payment Plan?

Yes, Longwood offers a new web-based automated Monthly Payment Plan through a software program, TouchNet. The payments are automated using an ACH bank draft (Electronic check) and will be automatically drafted on the first business day of each month. The automated payment schedule is set upon enrollment. No other action is necessary for the payments to draft from the payment method selected at enrollment in the plan.

Payments for Fall Semester will auto-draft on the 15th of each month, July-October.

Payments for Spring Semester will auto-draft on the 15th of each month, December-March.

Will I receive my account information via my Longwood email account?

You will receive a notification via your Longwood email account when you need to address your account information in the portal.

What is TouchNet?

TouchNet is a web-based service providing online access to the student account, billing history, payment plans, alternate email addresses, payment profiles, and payment options. TouchNet will be available to you via the myLongwood portal.

Who can access my TouchNet account?

Touchnet will enable students to designate authorized users (parents, grandparents, guardians, etc) to access and manage their accounts.

Will my authorized users access TouchNet via the myLongwood portal?

No, authorized users will enter TouchNet directly through a provided link. Access to the myLongwood portal requires a LancerNet ID and password, authorized users will be provided with a password directly into the TouchNet system. Once an authorized user is set up by the student, the system generates an email notification to the authorized user with the website and password for TouchNet.

Can I make payments by check?

Yes, you may pay by check. Please mail your checks noted with the student's Longwood ID# and the intent of the funds to Longwood University, CSA, Eason, 201 High Street, Farmville, Va. 23909.

Are instructions on how to use the portal available to me?

Yes, a video tutorial on general navigation and customization of the portal can be accessed on the Tutorial tab within the portal.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions concerning access to or functionality of the myLongwood portal, please contact User Support Services at (434)395-4357 or email helpdesk@longwood.edu. If you have questions about your account contact the Student Account office at (434)395-2067 or email studentaccountsoffice@longwood.edu.