Getting Started
  • The Center for Global Engagement offers faculty-led, exchange, and affiliated provider programs (see descriptions below).
  • Make an appointment to speak with a Study Abroad Advisor. Our staff will help you find the right program, explain the difference between program types, and answer general questions about the study abroad process.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans and talk about courses to make sure that what is offered will count for your major/minor/gen ed requirements.
  • Prepare financially. Seek out scholarship opportunities. Make note of various deadlines! Reach out to the Financial Aid Office to discover what steps need to be taken to apply aid to study abroad.
  • Discuss your plans with your family.
  • Consult your passport. When does it expire? Do you have one? As a general rule your passport will need to be valid six months past your chosen return date. If it expires before then, you will need to renew it. If you do not have a passport, you will need to get one!

Study Abroad Options

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are offered during summer or winter intersession and are typically 2-4 weeks in length. Participants will study abroad with a group of Longwood University students led by Longwood faculty member(s). Students pay Longwood tuition and an additional program fee. Students will not have to transfer credits because courses on faculty-led programs are Longwood courses. Begin your search for a faculty-led program.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs allow students to study abroad at one of Longwood University's internationally respected partner universities for the same per-credit-hour tuition rate as Longwood. Tuition and fees are paid directly to Longwood. Most exchanges are a semester or a year in length with a few offering shorter summer term options.  Most classes are taught in English, but there may be opportunities to increase your fluency in a foreign language or learn a new one. Begin your search for an exchange program.

Affiliated Programs

Our affiliated program providers offer a broad array of programs all over the world and in almost every academic discipline. Course offerings range in length from a few weeks, to a semester, or an entire academic year. Students can receive and transfer back academic credit towards their degree. Affiliates often offer scholarships and discounts to Longwood students and many semester-long programs are comparable to, or cheaper than, studying on Longwood’s campus. Affiliated programs are a great way to find a program that matches your interests. Begin your search for an affiliated program.

International Internships

It is possible for students to complete their internship requirement internationally. As with domestic internships, the student must work with his or her academic advisor to determine if a particular internship experience is suitable.

International internships are treated as a study abroad program and therefore students wishing to earn academic credit for their internship must complete an online application with the Center for Global Engagement. (This policy applies to international students who are completing an internship in their home country). As with study abroad programs, Longwood University does not approve internships abroad that require travel to countries that have been issued a Travel Warning by the Department of State.

Students may register for Longwood internship credit or, in some cases, they may transfer credits back to Longwood assuming that they are preapproved by the Registrar's Office (the Study Abroad office will assist with this paperwork) and by the academic advisor. It is important to work with academic departments to determine the best arrangement.

There are many independent/affiliated companies that offer internship opportunities abroad. Our affiliated partners offer many different credit-bearing international internships, and the Alumni and Career Services located in Maugans can also assist students. Begin your search for an international internship.


Non-Credit Programs

Every so often, we facilitate non-credit abroad programs, which require collaboration between participants and the Center for Global Engagement. Contact Emily Kane for more information.