If you observe or suspect an IT security incident you should immediately report it.

What should I report?

Examples of IT security incidents that should be reported include:

  • Unauthorized access to a computer or account
    • Unauthorized attempts to access, i.e. Phishing emails
  • Compromises of University data
  • Use of a University IT resource for harassment, annoyance, intimidation, etc.
  • Violations of University IT policies

How should I report an incident?

Please note: For incidents involving threats to health or safety or the theft or vandalism of computers or computing devices, contact Campus Police at (434) 395-2091.

What information should I provide?

Include a complete description of what you have observed or why you suspect an incident.

Also provide:

  • Your contact information (name, phone number, e-mail address, department)
  • Time and location of the incident
  • If your report involves email, forward the message as an attachment (Ctrl + Alt + F) so that the headers and routing information stays intact.
  • If your report involves a web page, include the complete URL (web address) and describe the problem.