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Aboujaoude, Angelie MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Accurso, Christopher MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Achterwinter, Lil-Sophie Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Adams, Chelsea MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Adams, Rebecca Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adams, Taylor EArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adams, Zachary NielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adkins, Kimberly NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Aftab, Shahbaz Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Akers, Jessica AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Albright, Jordan JohnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Albright, Megan MayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Allen, Avery NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Allen, Sophia JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Allen, Victoria NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Almeida, Kelly AnneBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Alotaibi, Faris Lafi BArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Alsaif, Mushal Fahad Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Altemose, John WilliamEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Alvarez, Rebecca AngelineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Alvey, Taylor AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Amoruso, Christina JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Amsler, Megan MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Andersen, Amanda FrancesArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Andersen, Tyler QuadeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Anderson, Devin LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Anderson, Emily GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Anderson, Geir DavidArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Anderson, Mary ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Anderson, Tayma RasiaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Aranzamendez, Renee Jereca UyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Arevalo, Nanci Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Arrington, Emily GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ashworth, Lauren MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Atkinson, Kendra SueEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Auerbach, Hannah RachelEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Ayoub, Samuel ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bacon, Jeffrey DanielBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bailey, Cameron ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bailey, Carrie KatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bailey, Courtney ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Bainbridge, Casey AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Baker, Jacob MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baker, Joshua StephenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baker, Keely AddisonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Baker, Zachary ThomasArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Banks, Oasia BrearnaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Banty, Katherine TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Barahona-Hickerson, Vanessa IsabelaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Barbolla, Elizabeth ErinArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Barden, Katie NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Barker, Alexander MitchellArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barker, Makayla RaeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Barksdale, Emily HancockArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barner, Kayla TerrellArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Barnes, Evan ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barrell, Alyssa GillianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barrette, Jacob JeremiahBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Barringer, Miranda LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Barry, Terra AnneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bates, Kathryn ClaireArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Batten, Samantha KaylynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bauer, Kirsten RuthArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Bauernfeind, Bethany DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baumgart, TJ EarlArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Beach, Faith MadelynEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Beckman, Jesse NathanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bell, Lauren AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Belote, Christopher ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Belt, Lindsey MorganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Belton, Taylor PaigeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Benalcazar, David DanielBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bencick, Lauren ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bennett, Blair LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bennett, Colter MathewEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bennett, Elizabeth CarolynEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Bennett, Maya Desiree'Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bennett, Meredith RachaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Berkompas, Jordan PArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Best, Christopher LloydBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Betterton, Russell WilliamEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Beyeler, Kendra LeighArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bielen, Ashleigh MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Billings, Catharine JosephineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bischoff, Hannah LorraineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bishop, Ashton ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Black, Liliya AlexandraBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Blackmon, Ashley ChristineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Blake, Savannah JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bland, Megan KelseyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Bobbitt, Kelsey CarolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Boesel, Katherine JuneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bondurant, Danielle KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Boros, Ann Jane MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bouy, Amber ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bowman, Kelsey LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bowman, Matthew WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Boyer, Monica JeanneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Bracco, Jessica NArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bradley, Elizabeth MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Bradley, Kamarin NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bradshaw, Taylor MeshayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Breunig, Jamie LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bridges, Shirley KatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Britt, Savannah GlennEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Brockwell, Heather LouiseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Brooks, John PaulArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Cheyenne MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Jordan ClaireArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Lauren ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Lindsey TaylorEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Brown, Lyndsey PatriciaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Brown, Monique AdrianaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Sarah EmilyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Brown, Tevin WalterBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Brown, Xavier Jo'VarEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Browning, Mallory RyneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brumfield, John TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Buckner, Gregory OwenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Buffington, Alyssa NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burford-Dunton, Kelli ColeburnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burg, Bridgett MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burgess, Ethan GrantArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burke, Brandon ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burleson, Emily NoelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Burns, Stephanie MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burruss, Ashley NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Burton, Cynthia LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Burton, Heather RaeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Busser, Keaton Coleby ElamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bustillos Calderon, Daniel JesusArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Butka, Braden Lee ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Butler, Kaitlyn MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Buynak, Deborah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Byers, Nicole AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Byrd, Julia GEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Byrne, Jonathan Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Caggiano, Kevin MichaelArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Caison, Jordan ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Calandra, Corri JeanetteArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Callahan, Logan RileyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cambria, Angela RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Campbell, Dylan WayneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cappuccio, Emily LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cardoza, Bailey ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Carlson, Renee MikaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Carney, Jacob ShanleyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Carr, Samantha RoseEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Carroll, Emma LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Carter, Brandie LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Carter, Helena KyleeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Carter, Noah HayesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Carter, Tiffany NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cascio, Victoria AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cash, Sydney-Ann NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cassell, Whitney NoelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cassella, Christina NoelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cassidy, Jennifer AliciaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Castro, Claudia AlejandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Causey, Michaela KaitlinEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cequeria, Alexandra CharlotteArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cernak, Tyler JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chadduck, Tyler MartinArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Chambers, Mya DeniseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chandler, Andrew MichaelEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Chatfield, Caroline VirginiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chauncey, Erin AlexandraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Chavis, Brianda LexieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cheatham, Katelyn LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chenault, Summer NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Chesley, Kristen NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cheung, Brandon Heng-FungArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chiodo, Megan LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Christian, Dalila AidaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ciehoski, Rachel DevynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Jordan TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Mary-Virginia MaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Sara AnnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Clarke, Mikayla LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cliborne, Rachel JordenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Clift, Troy LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cline, Mindy KatelynArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Close, Caitlin SimoneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Coates, Allison MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Cochran, Emily Victoria GriffithArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cogburn, Grace HelenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Colavito, AnnMarie LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cole, Christine MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cole, Kai'eshia CharleasiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Coleman, Hailey MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Coleman, Walter JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Colley, Katharine LillianArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Collier, Abigail MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Colvin, Virginia LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Compton, Jacob YorkEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Confer, Tamera LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cook, Gabrianna LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cook, Katherine MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Cooksey, Kayla CorinneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooley, Emily AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooper, Ashley MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooper, Emma PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Corbitt, Richard AndrewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Corker, Delaney LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cosner, Lindsey CarringtonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cowardin, Gabrielle ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Crabtree, Ashley BrookArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Craddock, Kailey OliviaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Craig, Molly McFarlinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Craighead, Jessica DanielleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crain, Eric EarlBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Crean, Shane MichaelArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Creasy, Kalie ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Crow, Kaitlyn AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crow, Matthew GregoryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crowson, Blake SterlingArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Crutchley, Samantha JoArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cubilla, Jessica LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Culbertson, Tyler EdwardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cummings, Erika NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cundiff, Rickylyn HannahArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Curran, Rebecca HaileyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Curry, Richard ArlenEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Czeizinger, Mary VirginiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dahl, Pamela RuthArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dail, Danielle AliciaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Daisey, Austin WayneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Dallas, Bailey BlairArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Dalton, Grace ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Dalton, Graylin MathewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dalton, Maureen AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Daou, Lamees CharifArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Darst, Joshua DaleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Daucher, Kimberly JillArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Davis, Hannah Mei-LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Heather MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Jahnay MarshaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Kira LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Tracy NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Zoe ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Deal, Katelynn BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dean, Alexandria BethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dean, Celia KaylynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Dean, Natalie CatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
deCelis, Andie MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
DeFeo, Sophia KellyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeFilippo, William Michael DufnerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeGregorio, Allison MariaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Deguzman, Abigail BarcarseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeHaven, Logan AlexanderEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Dellinger, Samuel GordonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Denaro, Mary MargaretArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Deng, Shuyu Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Dennehy, Ciara LindseyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Denton, Sarah ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Deppen, Michaela MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Descutner, Madelyn GArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Devin, Megan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Di Silvio, Deanna MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dial, Dominique AlexaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dillard, Hailey OliviaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dinh, Mike VanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dinsmore, Chelsea MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Dobyns, Kaitlyn MayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Doggett, Adrianna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dolan, Riley AnneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Dove, Caitlynn LizbethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dowdy, Jennifer KayEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Draper, Adriana LeighBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Dudley, Jillian ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Duers, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dunn, Bridget ThereseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Duregger, Megan CarterArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dwinell, Erin DiannaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Easley, Alisha RenaeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Eason, Michael ThomasBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Edmonds, Charlotte AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Edner, Colin MeadArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Edwards, Jocelyn ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Edwards, Manna CatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Edwards, Samantha NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Eiker, Breanna AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
El-Jor, Maya TonyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Elder, Katie Lynn MorrisonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Elder, Madelyne HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Elliott, Cecilie NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ellis, Makita NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Elsakr, Sandra AshrafArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Embrey, Kylie BriannaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Emerson, Karen MadisonBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Epps, Whitnee LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Erickson, Amelia GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evangelista, Alexandra CredoArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evans, Julia MaryArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Everett, Lucy AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evitts, Taylor Erin SheallyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Fabian, Katie JeanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Facinoli, Michael WesleyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Fagan, Alison AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fallejo, Makayla JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fanney, Gillian PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farmer, Adria WadeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farnsworth, Natalie IreneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farruggio, Elizabeth AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Farthing, Leshek JulianBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Faulkner, Charla ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Ferguson, Ashleigh MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ferlet, Maeleigh MarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Fetty, Kendra FayArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Fitzpatrick, Lauren KathrynArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Fitzwater, Alyssa KateArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Flammia, Darian MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fleming, Sarah LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Fogg, Erin GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Foldes, Mariah PArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ford, Kayla AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Forehand, Kelsi MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Foster, Hannah ColleenEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Foster, James SterlingArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fox, Reilly MelissaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Fradette, Kameron AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Francis, Haley ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Frank, Zoe LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Frazier, Courtney MechelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fried, Joshua CharlesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fuchs, Nicholas SwanBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gage, Kyrsten AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Gailey, Casey DawnArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Gaines, Lauren TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Galen, Mary ZellerArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Gallagher, Mallory SuzanneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Garcia, Magdalena Education & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Garcia-Hernandez, Cintya VanesaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gardner, Benjamin AndrewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gargiulo, Abby MarissaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Garnjost, Andrew AllenArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Garrant, Luke MatthewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Garrett, Megan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Garrido, Carlos AlbertoBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Gates, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
George, Amber NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gerbus, Kathryn TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gill, William HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gillam, Lisa ReneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gilliam, David LeslieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gills, David PrestonBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Gilmer, Jeremiah DaltonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ginty, Kathleen LynetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ginty, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gittman, Peyton-Ann NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Glasscock, Zachary NathanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gonzalez, Christina AnneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gonzalez, Steven Education & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Gonzalez Acevedo, Beatrice AlejandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Good, Rebecca LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gordon, Amber MaSheaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Gorham, Koen DavidArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gottschalk, Laura EleanorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Graham, Alexandra ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grambo, Aimee ColleenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grammer, Kyndal NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Graves, Amelia FrancesArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Graves, Caitlyn ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gray, Kila NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gray, Lindsay ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Gregory, Sara KeatonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Griffin, Meghan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Griffin, Sydney TheresaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Griffin, Tatianna GabrielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Griffith, Ariel AnnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Grindstaff, Grant LewsBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gromley, Jessica LorraineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grossman, Hayley JoyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Groves, Summer LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gu, Jinzhi Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guihon, Stephanie DonnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gunn, Megan CarolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Guo, Weiqi Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guthrie, Maitlyn Michelle LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guzman, Marcel AugustoBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Haddock, Cameron LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hahn, Emily ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hairston, Jordan ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Halbeisen, Rebecca AnnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hale, Franklin GrantArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hall, Derek JamesEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hamlett, Brookelyn AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hamlett, Jenna CarolArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hammel, John AustinBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hammett, Taylor IsabelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hammond, Iris ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanback, Carli JeanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hanek, Emma GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanson, Kirsten EmilyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanson, Rachel EllenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hargan, Christopher WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harlow, Breanna StarrArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harlowe, Annabelle LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Abigail AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Harris, Caitlin MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Katherine NataliaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Lindsay MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Harris, Lynsey GracenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Harris, Nicolette SkyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Sierra LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hartless, McKenzie MarianneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harvey, Evan LewisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harwood, Karlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hastings, Brandon TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hazelwood, Rachel LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hazlegrove, Alyssa GrayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Heaney, Samantha JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Heck-Howard, Katharine ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Heimburg, Madeline GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Helms, Allison KathrynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Henderson, Danyelle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Henderson, Zachary MartinArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hendricks, Madison LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Herring, Steven KyleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hess, Danielle Business & EconomicsDean's ListY
Hess, Sara HopeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hester, Damon ChristopherEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hickman, Hannah GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hicks, Kenneth WayneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hickson, Shanice TwaneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Higgins, Kelly DarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hill, Patrick MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hillis, Jaclyn KellyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hinckle, Emily PageArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hinson, Lauren AmandaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hively, Lindsay NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hobbs, Tristan DavidBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hodges, Harley ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hodges, Jeanne LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hodges, Lacy MagdaleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hodges, Mercedes LynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hoffmeister, Clayton DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Hogan, Callie ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holayel, Saarah MartaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holdsworth, Sara MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holland, Alexander JockBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Holmberg, Derek EdwinArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Holmes, Tanae JaneseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Holmes, Tristan GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hommey, Madison LeeArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hopewell, Anna ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Horlock, Kyra LeighEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Horton, Landen LewisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hosay, Liliah EnglishEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hottinger, Jonah MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Houngbeke, Light Marie MadelineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
House, Tiffany MarieBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Howard, Cecelia LorraineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Howard, Jordan LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Howard, Leah FArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hubbard, Emily AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hubbard, Erin BarriBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hughes, Deonte MitchellArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hurtado Vargas, Grecia SayuriBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hutchins, Christina EileenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hyatt, Lauren AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hyle, Cody RyanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hylton, Nicholas WadeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hyman, Joseph AndreiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hynson, Allison MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Illa-Nieves, Alexandra Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Iraheta, Helen MarisolBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Irvin, Johnryan GrayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Irwin, Daniel ChristianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Iskowitz, Nathan OliverEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ives, Angel RayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jackson, Andraya Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jackson, Jessica AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jacobson, Taylor MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jago, Abigail RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
James, Haleigh AlexandraArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Janney, Linda ElaineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jefferson, Kaelyn GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Jeter, Kelly BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jewette, Krysta ShardeyArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, Abigail DavisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Johnson, Brandyn AntonioArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Devon LamontEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Johnson, Hannah VirginiaArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, LaNikka LeeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Johnson, Laura IreneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, Melvin OdellEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Johnson, Ryan JoesphArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Tahjdriana KArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Abby SueEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Benjamin MichaelBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Jones, Britteny SkyeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Caroline AugustaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Cassidy LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jones, Derek TaylorEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jones, Emilee SuzanneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Kara MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Krystal LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Maia NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Najamah AaliyahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Joseph, Haily LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Joss, Dana DoloresArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Joyce, Caylee LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Joyner, Helen ParkerArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kamen, Sarah HaleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kante, Ibrahim KhalilArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Karnes, Morgan AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Karweik, Heidi KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Keane, Karyn JuliaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Keating, Anna GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Keeler, Taylor AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kelley, James TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kelly, Brianna MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Kendle, Sara SavannahArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kensy, Sarah JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
King, Amanda Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
King, Darcy MaeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
King-Cash, Samantha KaylynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinkoph, Madeline ElaineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinsey, Kaitlyn DurretteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kinter, Makenzie MareneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Kinzel, Brenna ElyseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kirby, Maria MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kish, William HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Klepatzki, Haley AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kline, Katherine MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knapp, Anna LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knepshield, Tiffany ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Knight, Brady EdwardArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knight, Kristen BrookeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Koehne, Devin MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Koenigsberg, Alison PageArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kohlmyer, Haley DomanicoBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Kolenda, Olivia Ash LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kolpien, Samantha GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kondas, Charleigh ClaireArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kosiorek, Kathryn MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kozoyed, Chad ParkerBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Kriebel, Chase JohnstonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lackey, Charlotte RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lacks, Sarah MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lacombe, Kaitlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lambert, Ashlee KaiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lambert, Benjamin ScottArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Landis, Kourtney DianeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Landry, Amanda LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lange, Kayla NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Langemeier, Logan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lankford, April NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lasala, Helena AdonaiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Latane, Robert JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lauer, Nicholas Cole`Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lavinka, Alexa ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lawson, Sarah AnnaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lea, Shannon MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leake, Carter AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lee, Abigale MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lee, Amanda NicoleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Leeman, Mia JohannaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lehman, Kayla ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Leone, Carolina AiliseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leong, Angeli Elizabeth RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lettau, Emily ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lever, Louise ClarkArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lewis, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Lewis, Ross MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lewis, Samantha JoanneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lewis, Taylor DouglassArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Liggon, Rex Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lim, Rachel SusanneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lindsay, Madison LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Link, Michael JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lirette, Keith MatthewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lively, Stephanie MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lockamy, Madison TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Logsdon, Marcia LennonArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Londrey, Ann TempleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lones, Alison RossBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Long, Kaitlyn AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Long, Kira ShianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Loomis, Katie RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lowman, Margaret AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lowry, Elisabeth LynetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lowry, Madison PaigeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lucas, Kathleen MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lukitsch, Samuel JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lunardi, Aemelia LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lutz, Darby McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lyon, Dana KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lyons, Shannon DanielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Macey, Hanna CatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Madar, Sydney MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mamo, Mahelet NegaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Manchester, Maurice BarryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mancini, Molly ChandlerArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Mann, Cameron JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mannucci, Jerrod Briton JosephEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Manser, Lachlan Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mansfield, Ian CumingsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mansfield, Megan JanelBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Manuel, Alexis PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Maple, David AllenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marino, Seraphina MargueriteArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Marrin, Allison ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marshall, Wesley LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Martin, Mallory AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Martin, Sandra JillArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Martin, Schnika LanayEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Martinez, Ana LisetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marzolf, Nicole WalshArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mason, Jaylin MauriceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mason, Kelsie Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Massie, Makayla GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Matherly, Tyler WilliamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mawyer, Brianah ShamirraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mawyer, Kahla MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mayton, Megan JordanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mazzan, Samantha ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mc Cleese, Kaitlyn MaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McAllister, Jawan TyreeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
McCann, Shawna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
McCarty, Alyson LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McConnell, Kelly MargaretArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McGovern, Kathleen DunnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
McGuire, Leigh Ann HallArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McGuire, Richie GravesArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McIntyre, Autumn HaleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKenna, Annalita MeloArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKesson, Alexander WorthingtonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKnew, Julie AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McLachlan, Skylar AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McPherson, Chase SamuelEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Meadows, Shalise AmariahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Meek, Brianna LeaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehalko, Olivia AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehling, Carmen AlyssaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mele, Justice RandallEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mellott, Donald EarlEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Meredith, Chelsea StanfieldArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Merone, Leah ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mescher, Abigail ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Metzger, Lauren CatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Meyers, David WesleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mickles, Aspen GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Mihelic, Kayley AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miles, Danielle JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Heidi DawnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Kathryn ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Samuel HardageArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Sha'Rena La'Chandri Di'LoisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Stephanie ClaireArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Taylor LarkArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Millon, Laura JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mills, Jalil JeromeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mills, Jenna MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Millson, Christoffer BrianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Millson, Daniel RobertArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Milstead, Laura MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Milton, Aniya Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Minasyan, Zhanna SergeevnaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Minter, Jozie ReneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mitchell, Haley McKenzieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mitchell, Sydney NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mizelle, Haley AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mohrmann, Ann TaylorArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Moin-Amin, Dara Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Monaghan, Dylon FrancisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Monger, Elana DawnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Montgomery, Sandra ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Moody, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Chelsea AnnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Jessica RArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moore, Justin RyanArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moore, Lindsay NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Tina MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Moorefield, Mason LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Moras, Sarah MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Morgan, Samuel CharlesArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morgan, Sarah AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Taylor ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Zachary CrawfordArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morra, Rebecca LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morris, Rebekah AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moseley, Henley MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moses, Amanda MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mosher, Riley WhiteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mothersbaugh, Emily JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moyer-Redd, Mary DEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Mulligan, Virginia KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Murray, Olivia RayeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Myers, Bailey DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Myers, Barbara AlexisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Myers, Katlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Myroup, Sarah GeraldineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Naccarato, Isabella AmerinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Naff, Keira DanielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Napier, Kevin AndrewEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Narron, Kayla NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Neklason, Elisabeth LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nelson, Montana Mary ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Newcomb, Hayley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Newcomb, Jessica ReesonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Newell, Jekeyiba SechaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nichols, Colton LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Nickels, Jacqueline MojulatArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Niepokoj, Samantha AshleyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Nungesser, Jacklyn ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nyland, Edel UnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
O'Brien, Brandon WilliamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
O'Connor, Olivia RoseBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
O'Donnell, Malia StephanieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
O'Toole, Laura MurphyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Odell, Mallory ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ormsby, Curtis WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Osterman, Samantha LayneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ostrowski, Kelsey JuneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ottavio, Charles PatrickEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ottaway, Alana ChristineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ouellette, Makenna RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Overby, Jessica YArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Overstreet, Autumn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Overstreet, Hannah FaithArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Owens, Savannah LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paasch, Sierra NoelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Padgett, Jaclyn LoisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Parker, Erin ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parker, Halle DenelleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Parks, Brooke LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parriott, Geoffrey RaymondArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parsons, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pata, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Patterson, Amanda CatharineArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Patton, Trisha LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paulette, Ashlyn BrookeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Payne, Brittin MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Payne, Emily ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Payton, Amanda GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Pearce, Madison LaineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Pearce, Morgan LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Penner, Kayla BrookeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Perdue, Alexandra RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Peroulas, Morgan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Perzanoski, Christopher DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peters, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peterson, Jon RichardBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Peterson, Kayla ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Petrella, Catherine CynthiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pfamatter, Charlotte AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Phelps, Dallas MorganEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Phillips, Amanda GayleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Phillips, Cole WilliamBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Phillips, Tiffani KathrynEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pierson, Jenna ChristineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pigg, MacKenzie GrayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pilkington-King, Brianna PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Piszczek, Lesley SarahArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Plichta-Kellar, Jesse CarrollArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Plucinski, Katherine EleanorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pompeo, Allison PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Poole, Zachary DeanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Portale, Alexandra InezArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Poston, Sierra NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Potter, Conner Ray NormanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Potts, Nicholas LoganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powers, Alexis MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powers, Amber LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Prem, Hannah LockhartBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Preston, Abbie LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Price, Courtney PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Primmer, Angelica MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Prince, Bethany AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Pritchett, Jasmine CierraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Puccinelli, Elizabeth KathleenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Pullin, Alexis HayleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pumper, Kelsey RoseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Puryear, Meredith LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Quinn, Chase AustinBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Ramirez, Dylan KyleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ratliff, Kate ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ratliff, Lauren DanielleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ratliff, Rayjon DominicBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Raub, Celeste MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rauchwarg, Danielle BriannaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rea, Madison KarenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Reaver, Carrie NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Redd, Morgan NoelArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Reekes, Sutton DillardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Reeves, Ashli GwaltneyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Reff, Carley AlleeceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Reighard, Ashton ChristopherBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Reimers, Jacob HenryBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Remington, Caitlin MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rew, Jaime ReneeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Rhea, Susan AubreyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rice, Samuel StephenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Richardson, Lauren NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Leanna GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Searra MianeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ridpath, Pamela CaseyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rife, Caitlin McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Riley, Arwen DestinyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rimel, Earl ChauncyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Rinald, Victoria ElaineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Ripp, Casey ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rivenbark, Jamie LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Roberts, Hannah FayeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Breanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Joseph ZackaryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Robertson, Paige MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Sara ThomasEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Roblewsky, Cameron RenaeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Roetken, Sara HartisEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Rollison, Taylor NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Rosenbaum, Crystal LynArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rossi, Anthony DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rowzee, Madison PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Royster, Hollyn LloydArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rozmus, Angela TheresaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Ruddick, Haley KirstenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rufle, Amanda NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rugen, Zachary JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Runion, Harrison GrayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sada, Cyan MillsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Salazar-Abarca, Evelin GisselEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Sanchez, Paul AlfonoArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sanfilippo, Jessica LeighBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Santry, Margaret ColleenEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Saunders, Sarah HArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Saunders, Victoria MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Savas, Jessica Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schaub, Jessica AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Schenkelberg, Hanna AliseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Schiano, Abigail JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Schirmacher, Alexa IrisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schlachter, Natalie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schlunz, Juliana MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Schmidt, Kendall ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schmitz, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Schofield, Liam HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schultz, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Alaina NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Harley AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Laia TikiraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Megan RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Seawell, Kathleen OconnerEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Seay, Madelyn ClaireBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Sechrist Barrera, Nisamar Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Senft, Chloe ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sergi, Zachary AntonioArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Shaffer, Kristianna NavanicaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sharpe, Davis JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Shartzer, Julie PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Shaver, Whittney DawnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Shea, Brendan LynchArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shelton, Faith ChristinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shepherd, Austin AlexanderArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shibley, Julianna MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shifflett, Lauren BruchEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Shifflett, Olivia DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shirey, Victoria MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Shotwell, Lindsay MalaineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Shubert, Jordan AlexisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shuford, Meagan ReneeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shui, Tianyi Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Shukrallah, Ashley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sierra, Irbin Derek MoralesEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sikora, Nathan AustinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Sipe, Ashley DianeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sisson, Katelyn MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Sivils, Amy LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Slater, Reghan ElisabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Slaydon, Sarah AshleyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Slayton, Erin MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Slocum, Allison KarenArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Smalley, Breanna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Smith, Alexia CheraeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Averie ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Smith, Brady CarolineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Chelsea NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Coley AmberArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Jessica LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Smith, Mia NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Smith, Sarah ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Solanke, Jonathan AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Solomon, Samantha JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Somers, John RobertArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sorrell, Kyle LawrenceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sorrells, Katelyn CarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Sosa Garduno, Esteban Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Souder, Abbygail RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Soule, Meredith LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Southworth, Megan LevellArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Sparrock, Lindsey StellaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Spence, James McFarlandArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Destiny BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spicer, Zachary HughesArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Spivey, Ryan MarkArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spradlin, Kate McKinzieBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Spradlin, Kellen ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Spradlin, Savannah JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spurgeon, Noelle ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stair, Madison NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stamper, Tia ReneeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stanley, Makayla VictoriaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stanzione, Abigail McNee EmersonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Starke, Kwaneisha La'ShayArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Stech, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Steele, Peyton AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stenback, Lexi KEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stephens, Sara BennettArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Erin TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Hunter LaceyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stith, Destiny BreannaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stone, Summer MckenzieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stragand, Kristen LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Strasshofer, Zachary JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Stretz, Sheyenne MackenzieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Strock, Mariah GraceEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Strum, Adriana RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Stuckey, Kendall HarlanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Suarez, Alizaih Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Caitlin AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Cortney LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Sarah MargaretEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Summa, Nitalia RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Summers, Madison NEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Swafford, Tyler FrankArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swan, Abygail ArlineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swanson, Ellie CatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Swiney, Michael JayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swinsky, Catherine MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swinson, Rachel MicheleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Switzer, Heather MariaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Szwed, Adam JacksonBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Taber, Cassidy SuzanneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tagert, Cassandra ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tarkington, Raigan Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Taylor, Hannah EmilyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Teague, Bailey ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tebo, Haley ConstanceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Thomas, Dana NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Thomas, James DylanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Thomas, Sarine Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Thomas, Shane JeremyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Thomas-Harris, Taylor BriannaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Thornton, Kelsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tignor, Dorian FaithArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Timbers, Riahna LeniseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tirado, Gabriela MichelleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Tisdale, Alexis WBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Toddy, Cameron ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Toler, Leanna ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Toler, McKenna ChaseEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Topping, Amanda WallaceArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Torpy, Samuel BashamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Treadway, Sarah JewellineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Tropiano Ramirez, Stephany RobisolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Trossi, John WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Trowbridge, Amy ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Truban, Celeste MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Truini, Leigha MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tryon, Robin IanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Tuck, Hannah MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Tucker, Bethany KayArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tucker, Casey CochranArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tucker, Ellen JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tucker, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Turner, Tanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Tyler, Amanda JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ukrop, Chad AaronArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Van, Lee RichardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vanhook-Davis, Tamiya AfinateArts & SciencesDean's ListN
VanLear, Jennifer NArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vansickle, Michael BrendanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vaughn, Abigail JoyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Venn, Claire WellsEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Venta, Marija Arts & SciencesDean's ListY
Verbeke, Taylor AlexisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Verdone, Marco JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Verstraete, Leonie Lydia LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vest, Helen TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vial, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Volpe, Michael StevenBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Vrhovac, Sarah ElaineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wagner, Jamie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Waldrop, Mary AllysonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walker, Alexis LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Walker, Claire ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walker, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wallace, Lucy GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Walston, Gina KathleeneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Walters, Clair ReneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Walters, Deborah GlennArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walton, Grace LeannArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walton, Jacklyn McKinnleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wang, Andy Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wang, Jin Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ward, Sarah MadisonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Ware, Christopher MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wassenberg, Diana MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Brett LewisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Watson, Jamesha EarlvetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Shelby ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watts, Zane MyersBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wawrzyniak, Olivia ClairArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Weaver, Heather LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Weaver, Paige ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Webb, Ashley NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Webb, Brianna Rose-MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Webber, Rebekah LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Weeks, Hailey MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wellman, Mary Lynn RatcliffEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Wells, Brittany EstepArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wells, Jordan PatriciaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wescott, Michaela LillianEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
West, Madilynne MaeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Wharam, Cassie MicheleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wheeler, Jodie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whirley, Lucas WayneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Whitby, Lauren AmberArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whitby, Nicole MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Amber FayeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Brian JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Courtney MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
White, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, William ValentineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whiting, Leslie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Whitley, Erin ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wickman, Victoria RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Widdows, Amy CatherineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wilcox, Kristin ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Williams, Brittany ReneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Williams, Callie ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Casey AnneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Williams, Cullen PfeifferArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Lauren AynsleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, McCoy Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Morgan HayleeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Williamson, Naomi GarrettArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Willis, Violet AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Winfield, Sydney NicoleBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Wise, Jennifer MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Witham, Rachel ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wolverton, Hannah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodmancy, Natasha EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woods, Alexandra GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodson, Bryana MckenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woodward, Chloe EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Worford, Joel WhitneyArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Worrell, Shannon NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wren, Carly CansinoArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wrenn, Jenna PaigeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Amanda LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wright, Melissa LynneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Sarah Elizabeth HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Wyatt, Karley RaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wyman, Cabell ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Yasnowsky, Kaitlyn PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yates, Kelsey LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yeager, Christopher DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
York, McKenzie StewartEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Young, Brielle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Zhang, Qingyue Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Zhang, Yefan Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Zimmerman, Carrie AlyssaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Zion, Lauren RachelArts & SciencesDean's ListY