Students with disabilities are responsible for identifying themselves as needing an academic accommodation, providing appropriate documentation and requesting the appropriate reasonable accommodation(s). Longwood does not provide diagnostic services. It is strongly recommended that students with disabilities obtain current testing and clinical documentation prior to entering the postsecondary setting.

To Apply:

  1. Read the Disability Specific Guidelines.
  2. Using your Longwood credentials, log into our AIM portal to complete the registration form. Click the link here.
  3. Disability Documentation requirements include:
    • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability, date of the current diagnostic evaluation, and the date of the original diagnosis.
    • A description of the diagnostic criteria and/or diagnostic test used.
    • A description of the current functional impact of the disability as it relates to the accommodation requested.
    • Treatments, medications, assistive devices/services currently prescribed or in use.
    • A description of the expected progression or stability of the impact of the disability over time.
    • The credentials of the diagnosing professional(s).
  4. Once all documentation is received by the ARO office, a determination will be made. The student will be contacted with the results and a subsequent appointment will be made to further discuss the student academic accommodation needs, or discuss denial of services based on ineligibility. Appeal process information will be provided if a denial is made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are academic accommodations? What can I expect as an accommodation?

Academic accommodations are modifications to academic requirements or procedures that are necessary to ensure that qualified students with disabilities receive equal access to education. These modifications should not alter the academic integrity of the course. That is, essential skills should not be waived; nor should the content be altered. Each person is unique in his/her needs, and therefore, service provision will depend on what each person needs in order to equally participate in the classroom setting.

Is there a due date for the ARO registration form? Is there any fee involved?

You can apply for services at any time during the semester, and all services that are considered academic accommodations are free to the student.

Do I need to reapply each semester?

Once accepted as a qualified person with a disability, you will not need to reapply for services. Students are required to request the academic accommodations they would like to utilize each semester.

Can I revise my accommodation request?

Definitely, and you should annually review your accommodations to make sure that they still meet your academic or program needs. You will need to meet with the ARO Director to discuss your revisions and may need to provide additional supporting documentation, if not in your current records. Accommodation eligibility is contingent upon your documentation.