If you have a disability that will impact you while on the Longwood campus, please feel free to let us know.

We may be able to assist you with:

  • Alternative Format Materials
  • Sign Language Interpreter (Requests are required at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled event)
  • Accessible Parking - Commencement 2017
  • Preferential Seating
  • Limited transportation on campus may also be available (contact the event planner to arrange transportation)
  • ADA Modifications (Some request require at least 6 weeks notice prior to the scheduled event, consult ODR staff)

Visitors Requesting Disability-Related Reasonable Accommodations:

An Individual attending a university event or coming onto university- controlled property is responsible for informing the event sponsor or a responsible university representative of his or her need for accommodation. He or she is also responsible for documenting the disability and for cooperating with the university in identifying reasonable accommodation. 

Special Note for Event Planners, Visitors, and Guest:

Some of the services listed may require a minimum of six weeks notice to secure. We ask that University event planners, guest, and visitors are mindful of this as you work to plan and attend the university sponsored event.