Are you accepting applications?

  • For Fall 2020 - Yes. Students who apply, are admitted, and deposited by June will be eligible for a limited number of new Longwood Housing awards for the 2020-21 academic year -- each a $9,000 value. Visit for the most up-to-date information.
  • For Spring 2021 - Yes. You can submit your application now. Priority application date is December 1.
  • For Fall 2021 - The application will open on August 1.

When should I request my official transcript?

We need a transcript from each college or university you have previously attended. If you are currently enrolled in college-level courses, an admissions decision can be rendered on an in-progress transcript. Your official transcript will be required prior to your first day of class at Longwood.

I’m interested in transferring to Longwood in Fall 2020 but I’m having trouble receiving an official transcript because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Can I submit an unofficial transcript and receive an admission decision?

For Fall 2020 entering students, we are temporarily accepting unofficial transcripts. You can upload a file (all file formats are accepted) at or text a screenshot or picture to (434) 207-6514. You will be required to request and submit a final official transcript to confirm transfer of credits at a later date.

Will I need to submit my high school transcript along with my college transcript?

If you have 25 or more transferable credits, a high school transcript is not required. If you have fewer than 25 credits, a high school transcript is necessary.

Can I request an unofficial evaluation of my transcript to see how credits will apply to my prospective major? How?

We’d love to review your transcript! Please get in touch with Transfer Admissions Counselor Waleed Ahmed at or text 434-207-6514.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Once all necessary admission documents are received, an admissions decision will be made within 7-10 business days. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all admissions decisions for Fall 2020 students will be emailed.

When is the enrollment deposit due?

  • For Fall 2020 transfer students, the enrollment deadline has been extended to June 1, 2020.
  • For Spring 2021 transfer students, the enrollment deadline is January 8, 2021
  • For Fall 2021 transfer students, the enrollment deadline is May 1, 2021.

How do I submit my enrollment deposit and secure my spot?

You can submit your enrollment deposit several ways:

For more information, visit

How will I know which credits I’ve earned will transfer?

Your transfer credit evaluation will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days after you are admitted.

When and how will I register for my fall classes?

Your department chair or program director will register you for necessary classes before Orientation this June. If there are any classes that need to be filled, they can be done so online after Orientation.

If we don’t have Orientation on campus, how will I complete the tasks I need to in order to be ready for the fall semester?)

We are currently planning to welcome students to campus for orientation in June, while following guidance from the Virginia Department of Health and state officials. If anything changes regarding Orientation, students will be notified directly, and a message posted at

We are working on contingency plans if we are unable to hold Orientation on campus. We will make sure, however Orientation is held, that you receive your housing assignment, class schedule, and meet your advisor well in advance of the start of the semester.

When and how do I sign up for on-campus housing?

When you attend Orientation, you will complete a housing survey to list your preferences. Housing assignments will be communicated to you in July.

Is it too late to apply for financial aid?

It’s not too late to file your FAFSA. You could also be eligible for one of our transfer awards - click here to learn more. You can always call us at (434) 395-2077 or email for any information about financial aid.

If my financial status has changed significantly, am I eligible for more aid?

The Financial Aid staff is happy to talk to you about financial aid or options for covering the cost of education. Call us at (434) 395-2077 or email

Will my class transfer if I earn the grade P+?

If you earn a P+ during Spring 2020 in a class that already transfers to Longwood, it will continue to transfer. In general, if you earn a “Pass” grade during Spring 2020 that’s equivalent to a “C” or better in a class that already transfers to Longwood, it will continue to transfer.

If I get a P+ in a class, but my major at Longwood requires that I get a “B,” will the credits transfer?

You will earn credit for the class, but your major requirement will not be met. You will need to work with your advisor at Longwood to meet that requirement.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course be treated if the course is a pre-requisite for a major-specific course that normally requires a minimum grade to enroll in the major course?

  • If the minimum grade for your pre-requisite course is a C or better, a P+ grade in spring 2020 will meet that pre-requisite.
  • If the minimum grade for your pre-requsite course is B- or better, a P+ grade will not satisfy that requirement.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the Guaranteed Articulation Agreement if it requires a letter grade higher than a C on any courses?

A grade of P+ on a spring 2020 course will not affect the terms of the Guaranteed Articulartion Agreement for Longwood.

I have a question that wasn’t covered here. Who should I contact?

We're here. Contact the Office of Admissions.
Text 434-207-6514
Chat with us on our Forward2020 site.