Complaint Procedure

The providers in CAPS are committed to addressing student complaints or concerns about any aspect of our services.  Every effort will be made to understand the concern and respond in an appropriate manner.  Students will be informed of the results of their suggestions or complaints.

A student may desire to resolve their complaint informally.  Because some complaints involve issues that are related to the therapeutic process, it is important that the student raise the issue with the counselor.  In this case, the student will talk with the staff member most directly related to the complaint or concern.  The student should make an appointment with the person in order to discuss the concern. 

If the student is dissatisfied with the meeting with the counselor or is unwilling to discuss the complaint with the person, the student may contact the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services.  The Director will request a meeting with the student to discuss the nature of the complaint.  She will then proceed with whatever steps are appropriate.

If a student has a complaint or concern; it is recommended that the student contact the Director of CAPS.  A student may either write or make an appointment to meet with the Director:

Maureen J. Walls-McKay, Psy.D.
Director of CAPS
Longwood University

If a satisfactory resolution is not reached at this level, or if the circumstances are such that a complaint cannot be discussed with the Director, the student should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs:

Cameron Patterson '10
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Eason G3B

If a complaint comes from a non-student, it is handled administratively first by the Director of CAPS.  If a satisfactory resolution has not been achieved, the person is invited to contact the individual next in the line of authority, as discussed above.