Designed to provide guidance, leadership, socio-emotional, and academic support to students from diverse backgrounds and with a focus on first-generation students, transfer students, racial/ethnic minority students, and limited-income students, the Collaborating with Lancers for Academic Success Program (CLASP) specifically targets development in the areas of

  • Cultural engagement
  • Academic success
  • Career services
Dr. Erica Brown-Meredith with two students at Convocation

Cultural Engagement

CLASP gives students a pre-orientation to life in higher education centered on community building, campus familiarity, campus resources knowledge and information about campus resources that can assist them in their social, emotional, and academic development in higher education.

Academic Success

Students participate in psycho-educational programming to address advanced skills needed for academic survival in higher education and provide students with mentors and advocates to assist with adjustment to and success in the higher education learning environment.

Career Services

We will help you prepare for your future and offer career guidance, counseling, and development through career-related workshops, seminars, individual and group sessions and experiential activities.

"I learned how to advocate for myself, better study habits, different techniques as far as studying more efficiently, self care, stress management, how my diet and exercise effects my work, etc. Most importantly, how to chop up or prepare for my assignment."

Longwood University, CLASP Member


Dr. Erica Brown-Meredith
Dr. Erica Brown-Meredith

Assistant Professor, Social Work 
Hull 229