Student Emergency Funds

 Student Emergency Funds

These funds are available throughout the academic year to meet the need of CLASP members in way of books, school supplies, food, transportation assistance, etc. We want to help our students focus on their academics and not stress that minor incidents keep them from performing their best academically.

My rationale for donating is first, in memory of my daughter Elizabeth, who was a 2002 graduate of Longwood and a teacher. Elizabeth would tell me stories of kids that had very little support at home and often times very little food. Everyone deserves the right to an education and a full stomach, you cannot learn on an empty belly. I hope to help provide that positive learning experience, regardless of race, religion, or orientation so our future can shine brightly through our youth.

Thank you for what you are doing to help at-risk students stay in college and earn their degree.

B. Sexton

Dr. Teresa A. Clark Scholarship

The scholarship’s namesake is legendary faculty member and alumna Dr. Theresa A. Clark, M.E. ’88. Although retired in 2018, Dr. Clark is remembered for her nurturing spirit and legacy of giving. She unceasingly poured into her students, inspiring them to be independent thinkers and doers while modeling patience, discipline, and persistence.

This legacy of giving is embodied in the Dr. Theresa A. Clark Scholarship. Its namesake’s innate capacity to encourage and empower students to excel academically and personally no matter what their path is encapsulated in this financial gift.

The expectation is this scholarship will play a small but significant part in assisting students along their academic journey as Dr. Theresa A. Clark did for countless Longwood students.


The recipient of the scholarship award shall be a full-time University student seeking an undergraduate degree from Longwood University. The scholarship shall be awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to a student, preferably a freshman, who is a member of Longwood’s Black Student Association (BSA) or Collaborating with Lancers for Academic Success Program (CLASP). The student must show financial need.