The Longwood Black Alumni Association (LBAA) is an independent organization that works closely with the university to maximize the academic success and bolster the legacy of educational attainment and excellence of Black students.

The LBAA provides scholarship, access to careers, guidance, mentorship, professional advice, and financial resources through alumni networking, volunteerism, cultural capital, and social enterprise.


“LBAA is about building community. It’s about holding space with those that share an incredibly unique experience. I am so proud of the meaningful work that has been created in this space as well as the relationships fostered.”

Marquis Mapp, Class of 2009



The Longwood Black Alumni Association is a non-dues-based association. With events throughout the year and a multitude of ways to provide support and guidance for Black students, we encourage you to get involved.

LBAA membership is open to Black alumni of Longwood University and Longwood College.

The LBAA is supported by Ally and Honorary members, who assist the LBAA in achieving its mission, but are not eligible to participate in governing board elections. Ally and Honorary membership is open to any faculty, staff, alumni, and friend of the University who supports the mission of the LBAA.

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“ I am passionate about LBAA because of the lifelong impact it has on current students and alumni. As a student/alumnus of a PWC, it is imperative to create and sustain a culture of community. LBAA is the bond that ties us together. As it has grown and developed, it has become the “go-to” for support, information, connection for on-campus and professional causes. Lastly, LBAA is a conduit to ensure that the black voice is represented, heard, and valued and I am proud to be a member. ”

~Stephanie Fitzgerald ‘96



The Longwood University Black Alumni Association Mentorship Program (LBAAMP) is affiliated with the Longwood Black Alumni Association (LBAA) and aims to connect Collaborating with Lancers for Academic Success Program (C.L.A.S.P) students with a member of the Black Alumni community. The partnership provides current Longwood students mentorship using a cultural framework that is interactional and garners opportunities to exchange with professionals in a field of interest, or a similar major.

A mentor’s relationship enriches career readiness skills such as the prospect to build internships, career networks, a smooth transition to the workforce, provide feedback on resume and cover letter development, continuing studies, and gain significant insight into various fields of employment. Moreover, the LBAA Mentorship Program supports the retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students at Longwood University. 


Governance (A)

The Association is governed by a LBAA Board of Directors.

Official business meetings are held regularly, and board members assist throughout the year with program development and events sponsored by the Association.

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Life separates us, but Longwood Black Alumni Association (LBAA) keeps us together! The shared love and devotion make us family! I am very passionate about its mission and the efforts made to inspire and build bridges that foster love, support, and unity!

~Evangela "Vangie" Watford ‘92

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