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Staying active in the Longwood family is easy. Just choose any of the Time Bundles each month to reach your one hour!

What is the 1 Hour a Month program?

Our 1 Hour a Month program is an ongoing volunteer experience designed for alumni and friends of Longwood that enjoy creating and sharing digital stories. The 1 Hour a Month volunteer experience is for all Longwood community members no matter where they live. Volunteers share stories through photos and respond to topic prompts asking for advice and reflections, usually around 4-6 sentences or 125 words. 

Each month, volunteers select from and complete the activities outlined in one of the Time Bundles. All Time Bundles are designed to ask for approximately one hour of time to complete and focus on three story categories: photos, reflections, and advice. We’re asking volunteers to respond to as many of the prompts as possible, but we’re only asking for one hour of time. 

By participating in the 1 Hour a Month program, volunteers provide advice, reflections, and photos that Longwood will collect and may choose to share with the community at large.


Priority Bundle

Help Longwood succeed in its most current projects. Each month, projects will change based on the greatest need. For June our priority bundle is:

Summer is here, and everyone’s getting ready to travel and enjoy their vacation! No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing for your summer trip, we want to see you decked out in your best blue and white gear! Take a selfie or have someone snap a photo of you in your favorite Longwood swag (like our 1 Hour alumni t-shirt!) and tell us where you went and (optionally) in 2-3 sentences what it means to you to represent the Alma Mater as a Longwood alum.

Flagraiser: Longwood Travels

Share your blue and white spirit all around the world

Photo: Share a selfie or photo with other Lancers of you in a faraway place. In the description, tell us where you are and why this location was special to you. Note: 1 Hour a Month volunteers can request a flag to take on an upcoming trip to add extra Longwood pride on your journey.

Reflection: Travel can do wonderful things for the soul. In 4-6 sentences, tell us about a journey you went on and why it was impactful for you.

Advice: Longwood alumni of all ages love to travel. Do you have a tip to share about places to see? In 4-6 sentences, share with us your travel hacks and favorite destinations. 

Advice: Did you travel abroad while at Longwood? In 4-6 sentences, tell a current or prospective student about your trip and why it was an important learning and growth experience for you.

Live, Love, Share

Photo: Wearing Longwood gear either on your own or with friends, take a selfie photo near an iconic local landmark. In your submission, tell us who’s in the photo what’s special about the location.

Advice: In 4-6 sentences, make a recommendation to other Lancers that may have just moved to your area. Advice on anything from new restaurants, childcare, or avoiding traffic are welcomed. We’re looking for your local life hacks and/or hidden gems.

Reflection: In 4-6 sentences, share with future Lancers why it was a great idea to attend Longwood having come from your high school or home town.

Paint the City Blue

Photo: While celebrating during a night out or meet up with fellow Lancer alumni friends or a significant other, take a photo and in your submission tell us who’s in the photo, how long you’ve known each other and where you met. 

Photo: Share with us a memorable photo taken when you were celebrating with friends during your Longwood years. In your submission, tell us who’s in the photo and what you’re celebrating. 

Reflection: In 4-6 sentences share what Longwood friends have meant to you since graduating. 

Advice: Did you just have an incredible experience out on the town? In 4-6 sentences, tell us about it and why other Lancers may with to seek out the same experience.

To Lead is to Serve

Photo: Share with us the work you’re doing around the community! Take a photo while in the act of volunteering and share with us what you’re up to. We’re looking for photos of Longwood alumni working as citizen leaders.

Reflection: In 4-6 sentences, share with us a meaningful volunteer initiative you’re engaged in and why it’s important to you.

Reflection: In 4-6 sentences, share with current and future Longwood students a volunteer project or initiative you worked on while attending Longwood and why it made an impact on you. 

Advice: Volunteer work can have a profound impact on career opportunities. In 4-6 sentences, share how a volunteer experience you had was key to future open doors.

Longwood Loves Farmville

Photo: Share a photo of a recent trip back to campus and/or Farmville and in the description, share what brought you back to town.

Reflection: Prospective students and their families often wonder what it’s like living in Farmville. In 4-6 sentences, share your thoughts on what makes Farmville such a special place to learn and study. 

Advice: In 4-6 sentences, share with a few things about life in Farmville with tips for students on what they must see and do while they’re here.

Longwood at Work

Photo: Do you work with other Lancers? Get together and snap a photo! In the description, share where you work and who’s in the photo. 

Photo: Share a photo with your work station and/or office decorated with Lancer gear. 

Reflection: In 4-6 sentences, share how another Longwood alum, faculty, or staff member made a profound impact on your professional journey. 

Advice: If you could go back in time and tell your college-age self something that would help you navigate the professional world after graduation, what would say? In 4-6 sentences)

Lancers in Training

Photo: Dress your kids or grandkids up in Longwood gear and share a photo. Anywhere you’re having fun, we want a photo. Share their names, ages, and hometown in the submission. 

Photo: Don’t forget about your pets! Dress your furry friends in Lancer cheer and send us your photos. Tell us the name and age of your pets. 

Reflection: Are you a Longwood Legacy? In 125 words or less, share what it was like to grow-up with your alumni parents or grandparents and how that impacted your decision to attend Longwood.