What Our Alumni & students Say

“When I walk into a classroom, I am confident in my abilities to jump in and make a difference in the lives of all students. I know I have the tools and training to connect with my students and ensure that they walk out of my classroom well-rounded and prepared to move on with their academic journey.”

Amelia Erickson ‘18

"Longwood has the best faculty and Liberal Studies is no exception! Every professor I have had throughout the program has been willing to go the extra mile to prepare me for my future as an educator. I have learned from some of the best in the field and am very grateful for this experience. I love the Liberal Studies set up of practicum-embedded courses. Throughout my time at Longwood, I have been able to grow through a variety of field placements. In each placement, I was able to take what I was learning in the Longwood classroom and apply it to what I was teaching in the local schools. Through this coaching model, I have been able to work closely with my professors and develop a relationship with them. The Liberal Studies program has truly prepared me to become a successful teacher. I cannot wait to take what I have learned in my time at Longwood out into the teaching world!”

Taylor Banty ’19

“Going into the program, I was a shy student and did not know if I was cut out for the world of teaching. As a graduate, I am walking away with the confidence and knowledge necessary to go shape the minds of our future leaders. The faculty and staff at Longwood are truly above all others. Every day I learned something new about what makes an effective teacher just by watching them in their classroom. The best thing about these professors is that their mentorship does not stop once you graduate. They will forever be a resource that you can utilize when new situations arise and you need advice.”

Grace Dalton ‘18
Graduate student: Reading, Literacy and Learning

“When talking with my friends who are studying to be teachers at different universities, our stories are quite different. Longwood community is an aspect we pride ourselves on and the education department is a clear example of this. When having ANY problems, I know my professors are only one call, text, email or meeting away. I have texted my professors when needing clarification on assignments, or just when I need advice. All the professors truly have an open door policy and are willing to help with any situations. This is not the case for all universities. I would argue that Longwood has the best professors in the state, but I might be a little biased! In the education program, you will never be alone on your journey.”

Sierra R. Garland ‘19

“The education professors at Longwood truly make your road to teaching memorable. They provide you with real-life practicum experience, share stories from their teaching days, and work hard to ensure that you are prepared to have a classroom of your own one day. The liberal studies program at Longwood University has fully prepared me to become a teacher! Between the well-versed faculty and real-life application experiences, I feel confident entering the field of education. The liberal studies program at Longwood has provided me with mentors that I know I can always turn to throughout my teaching career. Pursuing my liberal studies degree at Longwood University is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!”

Rachel Pata ‘19
Graduate student: Reading, Literacy and Learning