Grant Information

Request a travel grant at least 3-4 weeks BEFORE you travel.

Attending and participating in professional conferences is a very important part of any career. As a graduate student, you are eligible for reduced conference registration rates and you are at a perfect time in your career to experience the networking, knowledge sharing, and overall exhilaration a state or national conference in your field provides. The Graduate College would like to help you attend.

Each academic year, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies will fund travel grants to any graduate students admitted to one of Longwood’s graduate programs (endorsement programs are included) in the following amounts:

For attending a conference: up to $300.00 to cover conference registration and hotel for an in-state or out-of-state conference (the grant will not cover meals, travel, or other expenses, and AirBnB accommodations are not allowed). When a program has more than 10 students traveling to any single conference, adjustments to this grant amount may be made.

For presentation at a conference, receiving an award, or working at the conference: up to $400 for in-state or $600.00 for out-of-state to cover conference registration, hotel, and (for out-of-state conferences only) flight or mileage to and from the conference (the grant will not cover meals or other expenses).

Multiple conferences: Funding for two conferences per student is only available if that student is presenting or receiving an award at one or both and depends on the availability of funds.

Request a Travel Grant

  1. At least 3-4 weeks BEFORE you travel, complete the Request for Conference Travel form at this link: REQUEST
  2. An email response will be sent to you and your advisor, letting you know if your travel has been approved.
  3. Once approved, review the Graduate Travel Instructions 2021 (pdf) outlining the steps you'll need to follow before, during, and after your trip.  Print or save a copy for your reference.

Photo and Reflection

Graduate students who receive a professional travel grant are asked to submit a photo of themselves at the conference (and/or presenting if applicable) and to write a one-paragraph reflection upon returning.  The reflection should include a few highlights from the conference that you found most useful to your studies and/or career.  It should also include one or two benefits you felt you gained by attending.

Travel Grant Requirements

You must be a graduate student admitted to a program to be eligible for this travel grant.

Students are responsible for any charges incurred prior to travel if the trip is not made.  This includes nonrefundable registration fees, canceled flight fees, and hotel charges.

There is a limited budget for Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants.  Grants will not be awarded once that budget has been exhausted.